Website:  Logo is an online retailer with a difference. They don't sell generic products aimed at the masses that can be found with ease. They sell products from around the globe that are quirky, interesting and distinctive. The merchandisers at Bouf have taken the effort of sourcing these unique products upon themselves so all that is left for the customer to do is sit back, browse and enjoy their purchases. The collection of over 15000 products includes fashion, jewellery, accessories, beauty products, furniture and gifts. From delightful charms to personalised pictures and burlesque kitchenware, the gifts will captivate and enchant. The clothing range features items that are one of a kind. For women there are fun jersey dresses, ethereal silk-chiffon skirts and seductive 1920's style lace frocks, while for men the products range from funky t-shirts made from organic cotton to smart and functional suit combat slacks.
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