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The zombie apocalypse is not going to be the
relentless hourly struggle that Hollywood
portrays, there's going to be a lot of sitting
around – so what better way to pass the time
than a good old fashioned game of <strong>
Zombie Cribbage</strong>. ...

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Toys  - Zombie Cribbage
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Gifts  - Zombie Head Mug Firebox gifts

It's been little over two months now since the
outbreak. I've become separated from the group.
I'm definitely losing it. After just a week I've
started to scalp the puckered green heads of the
undead & removing their throbbing pink brains. I
must say the result is a very fetching drinking
vessel. ...

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Firebox gifts

Coving yourself in undead entrails is the only
way to blend in & avoid certain doom. With the
impending apocalypse edging ever closer, the
<strong> Zombie Shower Gel</strong> is
here to make this survival ritual an enjoyable &
sweet-scented bathing experience. ...

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Gifts  - Zombie Shower Gel
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Gadgets  - ZOMM Wireless Leash (White) Firebox gadgets

Is it a keyring-friendly perimeter alarm that
bleeps & vibrates when you walk away from your
mobile, an ear-splitting personal alarm or a
Bluetooth-enabled speakerphone? The award winning
ZOMM is all of the above & more, & it’s set
to become your mobile’s new best friend. ...

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