Elite SuperCrono Power Fluid ElastoGel Trainer Bundle

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Elite Super Crono Power Fluid Elasto Gel Trainer Bundle: A high level trainer for competitive riders which introduces the enhanced performance of fluid-based resistance now comes with a free High 5 nutrition box & Elite Scalatora Corsa 750ml Water Bottle worth &163;25. The resistance unit has 33% larger Elasto Gel roller featuring enhanced tyre grip, reduced wear, vibration & a 20% noise reduction over other rollers. The combination of Elasto Gel & Hydro Mag resistance unit offers maximum refinement & makes for an incredibly smooth pedal action. The Elite bottle features the renowned Corsa cap which is a triple-function cap with soft rubber push-pull nozzle that is easy on the mouth & delivers fluid fast. The High 5 nutrition pack is a performance sports nutrition program for endurance events. This High 5 Pack

everything you need to stay fuelled, hydrated & focussed on race day. This pack contains enough award-winning products for a 4-hour Cycle/MTB/ Triathlon event, including Energy Gel, Energy Gel +, Iso Gel, Iso Gel +, Energy Source, Energy Source Xtreme, Zero Electrolyte drink tabs & Energybar. It will demonstrate what can be achieved using the latest generation of nutrition products & a scientific nutrition strategy for your sport, distance & bodyweight. It contains an assortment of their best selling flavours. Elite Trainer Resistance adjusts automatically according to speed Super Crono frame is easy to set up, uses the riders weight to ensure constant contact with the roller & allows the cyclist to move around on the bike, better simulating the feel of real riding, all whilst offering a more stable support platform than the previous Crono design Elasto Gel roller enhances performance with mountain bike tyres Comes pre-assembled & folds flat for easy storage

spare Q/R for those using Mavic or similar non-compatible Q/R skewers Elite Bottle Easy to grip bottle with ergonomic shape Stylish & understated design brings a touch of Italian flair to any bike Dishwasher safe & BPA-free High 5 Nutrition Pack Contains Iso Gel x 2 Iso Gel Plus x 1 Gel Mojito x 2 Gel x 2 Gel Plus Orange x 2 Gel Plus Raspberry x 2 Energysource Sachet x 4 Energysource Xtreme x 1 Energybar Chocolate / Orange x 1 Zero Electrolyte Drink Tabs x 1 Tube of 10
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Elite SuperCrono Power Fluid ElastoGel Trainer 2013
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