Elite RealAxiom Wireless FF Conconi Internet ElastoGel

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Buy now. Pay later on Elite Real Axiom Wireless FF Conconi Internet Elasto Gel. Elite Real Axiom Wireless FF Conconi Internet Elasto Gel: Real Axiom Wireless FF Conconi is a high range wireless electronic home trainer (ANT wireless) that connects to a PC & simulates real road conditions by coordinating resistance to rider speed & slope values. Training Programs Six different training programs create targeted training based on your specific goals: Power/distance The cyclist specifies power output & distance for each segment Power/time The cyclist specifies power output & time for each segment Altimetry/distance altimetry values for any race can be copied Altimetry/distance altimetry values & distance of any race can be copied into the program Altimetry/time The cyclist specifies altimetry & time for each segment Slope/distance The cyclist specifies slope & distance for each segment Slope/time The cyclist specifies slope & time for each segment Conconi Test The Conconi Test (included) determines your anaerobic threshold by calculating the maximum heart rate threshold, beyond which lactic acid builds up in muscles. The test

a progressive exercise that underlines the relationship between effort & heart rate. The program: Guides the cyclist through the test Displays & analyzes data gathered during the test Displays the heart-rate, power & speed values that correspond to the anaerobic threshold Displays aerobic & anaerobic power values determined by the Test upon completion. Print or export data or consult the Tests history data. Training Test The Training Test is your virtual coach. To evaluate a cyclists performance level, the software conducts an incremental test then creates a 4-week training plan based on the results. Each section of the Training Test indicates the heart rate that the cyclist needs to maintain in order to conduct the test. My Real Video Real Axiom is compatible with the My Real Video App. Use your Smartphone to record any course or route & relive it on Real Axiom! Discover My Real Video Web Race Real software lets you compete against cyclists from all over the world. The Web Race option lets you compete against opponents on the same course & displays their data, such as position, distance, speed, heart rate, etc. Each cyclist can create new courses or compete on courses created by other riders. Each cyclists data is displayed at the end of the race. GPS Data import Real software can import GPS data, recreating the altimetry profile of specific courses. It is possible to compare a previously recorded time over a specified course. The software is compatible with the most common file formats: Garmins. crs &. tcx, Google Maps. kml & many more. Google Maps Google Maps lets you create personalized courses from anywhere in the world & match the pedal resistance based on the altimetry to that you would experience on the real course. Maps can be displayed in many ways: Simple Map Satellite view Elevation mode Perspective view (a must on mountain courses) Google Maps can be activated while riding & displays on-screen the course & riders position. It is also possible to create new routes from your favourite rides & to check for updated course data. Real Software analyzes & displays all training data.
Features: Real Video* Training Programs Conconi Test Training Test My Real Video Web Race GPS Data Import Google Maps The software

a " How To" feature that guides you through all of the softwares functions; learning & mastering the software (even the most advanced features) is quick & easy. * 2 Real Videos included Real Axiom is a true professional level training system: The high power output (more than 1200 W at 40 Km/h) accurately simulates slopes of up to 10%. The large flywheel delivers smooth pedalling at even the highest power levels & steepest slopes. The oversize Elastogel roller reduces tyre wear & noise levels Ritmo" feet installed on the frame simulate road riding by allowing a swaying movement in response to the riders motion. The Fast Fixing locking system speeds up bicycle mounting & removal.
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