Elite Qubo Fluid Turbo Trainer Bundle Turbo Trainers

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Featuring the Elite Qubo Power Fluid Trainer, Elite Su-Sta Adjust Front Wheel Elevator Block, & Elite's Sweat-Catcher Protec frame protector, this pack will have you pedalling & perspiring as if you were climbing & sprinting for real. Also, should you want a more interactive experience, you can add ANT+ or Bluetooth speed/cadence sensors (sold separately) to your bike to enable pairing up with online training tools such as Zwift, Trainer Road, The Sufferfest etc. Elite Qubo Power Fluid Trainer Elite's Qubo Power Fluid is an effective & compact turbo trainer, ideal for off-season edge-retaining sessions, or pre-race warm-ups. The large flywheel is fully immersed in oil to allow high-resistance levels to be obtained even at low speed. A brilliant addition to your cycling arsenal when the weather is poor or if your riding time is limited, it's ideal for experienced cyclists & beginners. A high-level trainer with the enhanced performance of fluid-based resistance, there is no need to calibrate roller pressure as the rider's weight presses the tyre into the roller, meaning automatic adjustment & easy set-up. This turbo trainer's realistic power curve will help you to get ready for the big race or your next challenging sportive ride. Elite Su-Sta Adjust Front Wheel Elevator Block This handy front wheel stand will keep your bike steady & secure as you improve your performance throughout the winter months & all year round. Elite Sweat-Catcher Protec Frame Protecting Net Made from two different materials, this sweat catcher straps to your bike’s handlebars & seatpost & covers the areas of your frame most prone to corrosive sweat drips. The top part is an absorbent synthetic material & the underside is a waterproof neoprene, making sure your frame & bars are well protected as you push yourself to the limit. Please Note: The Elite Qubo is not a smart trainer but it is compatible with the Zwift Virtual Powercurve when used with additional ANT+ or Bluetooth speed/cadence sensors. (sold separately) Please Note: Adapter cod.1020008 is required for bikes with thru-axles (sold separately)
Includes:: Qubo Fluid Trainer Frame Qubo Fluid Unit Sweat-catcher Front wheel riser block QR skewer Allen key with replacement bolts & hardware Other Information: Bike Compatibility: All bikes with quick release rear wheels Wheel Size Compatibility: 20-29" (700c) wheels Power Supply: N/A Smart Connectivity: No (although possible with separately sold ANT+ or Bluetooth speed/cadence sensors) Bike Mounting Type: Wheel-on type trainer (clamps to bike's rear wheel) Resistance Type: Fluid Technologies/ Additional

Quick & Compact: Qubo frame's modern design perfectly integrates sturdy steel structures & plastic materials. Its frame is distinguished by the Crono compass system that closely simulates how a bicycle behaves on the road by putting the whole weight of the athlete on the roller. This home trainer is easy to fold up & has a very limited footprint, so it's easy to transport & store when not in use Great Stability: The wider contact surface & the optimisation of the centre of gravity of the bicycle + athlete system compared to the frame makes it more stable. This makes high speed or intense effort workouts totally safe Fast Fixing System: Qubo Fluid has a fast fixing system that quickly secures your bicycle on the frame. A practical lever locks in or releases the bicycle with one simple movement. When first using it, the fixing pin must be adjusted to ensure that the fast fixing system works properly. All operation can be conducted on one side, so they're quicker & easier
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