800L Rainwater Tank In Millstone Grit - Filter & Pump

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The 800 Litre Vertical Slim Line Tank has a small footprint allowing you to utilise those small, out of the way spaces. It will allow you to harvest a substantial amount of rainwater. This package

a Deep Water Submersible Well Pump as well as a Gutter Mate Diverter which is vital to use with a tank this size. The Gutter Mate is fitted to the downpipe & filters all the rain water before it goes into the tank. This water butt will last for many years. Just make sure that it is installed on a flat, level base that will provide support throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions. Leave a gap of about 50mm all around the tank to allow for the natural expansion of the tank when full of water. The rainwater diverter can located wherever it is required without affecting the tank's structural integrity, but should be fitted about 50mm from the top of the butt. Just follow the instructions that come with the diverter. Ensure that the pipe running from the downpipe to the water butt is horizontal, so that it acts as an overflow when the tank is full.  Please note: The 800L Tank for this package is also available in Green Marble & Sandstone. Included with your order: 1x 800 Litre Vertical Slim Line Tank (including brass tap)1x Gutter Mate Diverter & Filter in Black & Fine Mesh Insert Bundle 1x Deep Water Submersible Well Pump With Float Switch (1000W) Slim Line Tank Dimensions: Capacity: 800 Litres (175 gallons)

630 mm

1790 mm

820 mm Outlet: 1x 3/4 & 2x 1" BSP Lid: 9" Screwdown Weight: 35kg Multiple 800L Tanks can be connected together to create additional storage by using a linking kit. Deep Water Submersible Well Pump With Float Switch (1000W) For use in areas where a large head height or high pressure is required. Will pump up to 15M deep. Fitted with thermal overload protection & a float switch which automatically turns the pump off when the water level has dropped. Manufactured with quality in mind & comes with a 15M (approx.) cable & approved plug. Specification: Voltage: 230V Maximum output: 91L/min Maximum head

40M Motor: 1000W Float switch: Yes Output aperture diameter: 25mm Max particle diameter: 1mm Hose adaptor diameter: 25mm Weight: 3.6kg Gutter Mate Diverter & Filter in Black & Fine Mesh Insert Bundle The Award Winning Gutter Mate Diverter & Filter means that you can recycle rainwater straight from your downpipe.  The only rainwater diverter & rainsaver that filters all rainwater before it enters the water butt, tank, drain or soakaway. The diverter then automatically shuts off the flow to the water butt when full. Collecting rainwater with the Gutter Mate is both simple & efficient, whether you are saving rainwater to a water butt, tank or a full rainwater harvesting system. Also available in black or brown. The Gutter Mate is designed to accept 68mm, 76mm & 80mm diameter & 65mm & 75mm square downpipes. Please note: watering can not included
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Brass - A copper and Zinc Alloy
Marble - A type of rock varying in colour. Commonly calcite or dolomite
Black - A colour which does not emit any colour of the spectrum. Black absorbs all frequencies of the spectrum.
Motor - A evice that converts electricity into motion
Litre - A unit of volume equivilent to 1000 Mililitres
Diameter - A measurement across a circle passing through the middle
Brown - A colour, commonly associated with earth or soil
Filter - A device used to separate mixtures
Filter - An optical device to remove or enhance particular wavelengths of light.
hose - A hollow tube for carrying liquid from one location to another.
water - A chemical substance. Chemical formula H2O.
tap - A device used to control the release of gas or liquid.
Cable - A series of wires bonded to form a single thread
weight - A measure of the force applied on an object by gravity. Measured metric in grams and kilos or imperial in lbs and oz
running - A sport or hobbie of moving rapidly on foot. Can also refer to the running of equipment or run time refering to the length of time an applicance can run or the quiet running of an applicance.
Year - The time it takes the planet earth to orbit the sun. This takes around 365.25 days.
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Simple - Basic, easy no difficulty in understanding.
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Voltage - A measurement of volts.
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Year - 365 days (366 days in a leap year), the time taken for planet earth to make one full revolution around the sun.
Mesh - A material mad up of crossed over fibres such as metal or thread.
Head - The upper part of a body typically separated by the neck.
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