For thirty five years Seapets have been supplying aquatic and pet products at competitive prices. The company have two stores in Colchester and Ipswich and also run a thriving online store. They sell products for cold water, tropical and marine fish and also cater to dogs, cats, reptiles and small animals. As a trusted retailer Seapets are a member of many well-known trade associations such as The Pet Care Trust and the Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association. They have been voted as one of the top 40 pet shops in the UK and won the online retailer award in 2011 from Practical Fishkeeping Magazine. Many of their staff hold marine qualifications and can give their customers the best advice on what products to buy and how to care for their pets. If you are looking for quality products, impressive customer service and expert advice then Seapets can cater to all your needs.
Seapets pets
Beta Dog Food

Specifically developed for puppies of large
breeds (>25kg expected adult weight).A 100%
complete food for large breed puppies & junior
dogs with 29% protein, 13% fat & essential
vitamins & minerals. With natural sources of
glucosamine & the right levels of calcium &
phosphorous that allow your puppy’s bones to
develop properly whilst protecting his joints. ...

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Pets  - Beta Dog Food Puppy Large Breed 2.5k
Pets  - Bob Martin Tydisan Red - Sanded Sheets Large Seapets pets
Cage Sand and Sheets

Tydisan is the ideal way to make sure that your
bird cage remains hygienic & is easy to clean.
Just place the correct size of Tydisan sanded
sheet in the tray at the bottom of your bird's
cage. It is recommended that the Tydisan sheet is
replaced with a fresh sheet twice a week to help
protect your bird from infection & to keep the
cage hygienic. Tydisan ...

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Seapets pets
Night Safety Dog Collars and Accessories

Safety Coat by Cosipet. Be Safe, Be Seen. High
visibility reflective waterproof fabric plus
additional safety strips in fluorescent yellow.
Cosipet offer an extensive range of carefully
designed dog coats to give the widest choice of
style, colour & fabric. Fully washable, a wide
range of size ensure a smart look. Simply measure
from the collar, along ...

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Pets  - Cosipet Dog Safety Coat 14in - 35cm Yellow
Pets  - Oase Biosmart Filter Set 7000 Seapets pets
Complete Pond Filter Systems, Pond Filter System and Pump Set

Bio Smart Set 7000 Complete set with pump
optimally matched to the filter the ideal
introduction to the proven OASE filter technology.
The OASE Bio Smart filter ensures clear & healthy
pond water thanks to the combination of a large
filter foam surface & integrated UVC technology.
The proven cleaning handles enable convenient
filter foam cleaning, without ...

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Seapets pets
Eukanuba Breed Specific Food

Eukanuba Golden Retriever is a complete &
balanced daily food designed to keep his coat
shiny & support healthy joints & stable digestion.
Golden Retrievers are friendly & intelligent dogs,
well-mannered, with great charm. They need
essential nutrients for a superb coat & the
digestion can benefit from prebiotic fibres.
Regular exercise helps maintain ...

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Pets  - Eukanuba Adult Golden Retriever Food 12k
Pets  - Nutrafin Max Discus Sinking Granules 85g Seapets pets
Nutrafin Tropical Fish Food

Nutrafin Max Discus Sinking Granules is a
nutritious highly palatable formula naturally
coloured by its ingredients. Contains 20%
earthworm & 7% garlic, both ideal ingredients for
discus. It also contains natural colour enhancers,
multi-vitamins & Advanced Yeast Extract
(pre-biotics) for digestive system support & more
for the ulitmate in discus nutrition. ...

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Seapets pets
Reverse Osmosis Systems

Fill & Go containers are a great way to carry
your RO water or RO Salt mix for top ups. Or mix
your own salt in with the RO water. Great for
tropical aquariums that benefit from the addition
of RO water but you don't want your own RO unit.
Top up or emergency water always available.H2 Fill
& Go 20 litre Folded 260 x 260 x 70mm Full 290 x
290 x 335mm ...

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Pets  - TMC H2 Fill and Go Water Container 20 Litre
Pets  - Pond Doctor Anti Bacteria 2.5 Litre Seapets pets
Fish Treatments and Medicines, Pond Anti Parasite and Fungus Treatment

Pond Doctor Anti Bacteria is a powerful all
purpose pond disinfectant specifically designed to
reduce the levels of harmful bacteria in your
pond. Anti Bacteria may also be used to sterilise
nets, baths & treat many other infections. Anti
Bacteria Treatment disinfects fish & ponds against
harmful bacteria. Use sucessfully in treatment of
ulcers, frayed ...

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Seapets pets
Iams Cat Foods

Iams Adult Ocean Fish & Chicken Cat Food is a
complete & balanced maintenance cat food for adult
cats from 1 to 6 years of age. Iams proactively
nourishes your cat to help promote 7 signs of
healthy vitality along with low magnesium levels
to support urinary tract health. Healthy
Digestion: Tailored fibre blend, including
Prebiotics & beet pulp to help ...

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Pets  - Iams Ocean Fish Cat Food 800g
Garden  - Eheim Universal Pump 2400 Seapets garden
Power Heads and Water Pumps

EHEIM universal pumps offer a large performance
spectrum & a wide variety of uses. They are very
reliable offering exceptionally long service life.
They can be used inside or out of water. The
integrated prefilter, safe hose connections, a
variety of connections & fixings, but above all
their absolute reliability make the EHEIM
universal pumps very popular. ...

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Seapets pets
API Test Kits

This kit tests tap water & aquarium water for
five different parameters that affect the health
of freshwater fish: p H, High Range p H,
Ammonia, Nitrite & Nitrate. Highly accuate &
economical. Unique, transparent dome allows clear
view of contents.

all tests required to test the
nitrogen cycle. Kit



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Pets Pets  - Api Liquid Freshwater Master Test Kit
Pets  - Fibreglass Waterfall Cascade 100x70x16cm Seapets pets
Fibreglass Cascade Waterfalls

This Fibreglass Waterfall Cascade helps you to
create your ownrelaxing garden waterfall simply &
easily. Made from fibreglass, each cascade piece
is lightweight & moulded with a realistic stone
effect that give a natural look & feel. Why not
use other Fibreglass Waterfall Cascade pieces to
extend & make a beautiful winding waterfall that
fits in with your ...

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