Washable Fashion Face Mask - Holds PM2.5 Filter - Emoji

Washable Fashion Face Mask - Holds PM2.5 Filter - Emoji
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The Washable Face Mask fits snugly around the face to prevent particles & harmful substances from entering your nose & mouth. It has a replaceable activated charcoal filter design (mask+ filter = double filtration). The Washable Fashion Face Mask is designed to be re-usable & will filter out a minimum of 95% of particles, when used in conjunction with PM2.5 Filters. Note: The Washable Face Mask holds 1 PM2.5 Filter (Filter Not Included) Key

Washable & reusable Filtration Face Mask with PM2.5 Filter Pocket Emoji Laser Digital Print Design PM2.5 Filter Effective Against Small Particles Adjustable Ear String Sizing These masks are completely washable so can be reused. Please note the filters are not washable & need to be removed & discarded before washing the mask, & then replaced with a new filter. FAQ's Which filters are required? Only PM2.5 replacement filters are suitable for use with these Washable Masks
- Available for purchase separately here How long do the filters last? It depends on the usage & exposure. If you are wearing the mask all day it would be recommended to replace the filter daily. If you are wearing it for a short period of time, such as going to the shop, then the filter will last much longer. What is the meaning of PM2.5 on the filter? The PM2.5 filters are designed to be used in conjunction with reusable face masks to provide an extra filtration layer, specifically against PM2.5
- this term refers to Particulate Matter (PM) that has a diameter less than 2.5 Micrometres (more than 100 times thinner than a human hair) & remains suspended for longer, this particular type of pollutant can be increased by vehicles, power generators, industrial emissions & chemical processing, along with a range of residential activities such as heating, cooking, & burning candles or fires. Does this face mask protect me & others against the Coronavirus? These masks are not certified for medical use & are not proven to stop the spread of the Coronavirus or other viruses. How long / how many washes will the (washable) mask last? This depends on individual usage but the mask will last many weeks with continued laundering & filter changing, however please discard if mask material appears damaged at any point. What are the washing instructions for the mask? To wash mask, remove the filter & submerge mask in h&-hot water mixed with laundry detergent for several minutes before rinsing
- ensuring mask is fully dry before insertion of new PM2.5 filter & renewed use. What size are the masks? These masks are not designed for small children, but can be adjusted for a comfortable fit on adults. Where were these masks made? The masks were manufactured in China. Specifications Adult Mask Size (Approx): 20cm x 15cm (7.9″ x 5.9″) In the Box 1 x Washable Fashion Face Mask
- Emoji * Please note that these masks are designed as face coverings. As with all non-medical face coverings, they are not certified for medical use & are not proven to stop the spread of coronavirus or any other viruses. It is recommended by many governments & agencies that face coverings should be worn when in public, but please check with your local authority for the latest guidelines in your region. Stay safe.
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