Lexar Professional USB 3.0 Dual Slot Card Reader - 500MB/s

Lexar Professional USB 3.0 Dual Slot Card Reader - 500MB/s
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Quickly transfer files from both CF & SD card formats. While the high-speed Professional USB (Universal Serial Bus) 3.0 Dual-Slot Reader supports the latest high-speed CF & SD formats, it is also backwards compatible with standard CF & SD cards, as well as USB (Universal Serial Bus) 2.0. This provides you with convenient versatility on the go. Save time with concurrent & card-to-card file transfers. The Lexar Professional USB (Universal Serial Bus) 3.0 Dual-Slot Reader has the ability to read from both card slots simultaneously, & it also allows for easy file transfer from one card to another, further enhancing versatility. Enjoy the convenience of innovative design features. The reader boasts an innovative, pop-up mechanism that protects the card slots by allowing you to close the reader when not in use. Also, its compact, portable design means you can take it on the go, & smooth contours help it slip easily in & out of your camera bag. The reader has a sleek, glossy finish making it a great addition to your workspace, & its LED activity light lets you know when your file transfer is complete.

a Super Speed USB (Universal Serial Bus) 3.0 cable. Warranty. The Lexar Professional USB (Universal Serial Bus) 3.0 Dual-Slot Reader is backed by a five year limited warranty. Rigorously tested. All Lexar product designs undergo extensive testing in the Lexar Quality Labs, facilities with more than 1, 100 digital devices, to ensure performance, quality, compatibility & reliability. When memory matters, the choice is Lexar. With a long history in the industry, we know memory. We move quickly with technology to design the solutions you need, & work with device manufacturers to make sure our products are compatible. Then we stand behind them with outstanding warranties & helpful customer service. We are dedicated to performance, reliability & expert support, so when it comes to storing the memories that matter, trust Lexar. For more than 15 years, Lexar has been trusted as a leading global brand of memory solutions. Our award-winning lineup

memory cards, USB (Universal Serial Bus) flash drives, readers, & storage drives. With so many options, it is easy to find the right Lexar solution to fit your needs.

- USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface speed of 500MB/s, which reads up to 4.5 times faster than USB (Universal Serial Bus) 2.0
- Compatible with USB (Universal Serial Bus) 2.0
- Supports: UDMA Compact Flash, CF 5.0, SDXC, & SD UHS-1 (SD 2.0 & SD 3.0)

a USB (Universal Serial Bus) 3.0 Cable Dimensions:
- 2.75” W x 2.5” L x 1” D
- 6.99cm x 6.35cm x 2.54cm Product Weight:
- 0.15lbs/0.07kg Bus Interface:
- USB (Universal Serial Bus) 3.0 Operating Temperature:
- 00 C – 500 C Humidity:
- 90%
Supplier: MyMemory
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USB - Universal Serial Bus
LED - Light Emitting Diode - a small light source
UDMA - A transfer mode speed for PATA (Parallel at attachment) storage devices
Digital - A system that uses only 0s and 1s to transmit data
Camera - An electronic device used for taking photographs
Warranty - A service provided by the retailer or manufacturer to ensure a device works for a period from new
compact - Carefuly designed to ensure an item has a minimal physical size
Cable - A series of wires bonded to form a single thread
History - Anything that happens in the past. An acedemic subject.
weight - A measure of the force applied on an object by gravity. Measured metric in grams and kilos or imperial in lbs and oz
speed - A measurement of how fast an object travels between two points
professional - A term used to describe products or people which may be focused on specialist educational training
Year - The time it takes the planet earth to orbit the sun. This takes around 365.25 days.
Quality - An object that has quality is superior in function and finish than a less quality object.
USB - Universal Serial Bus. A method of connecting a device to a computer
Compact - something that has a lot combined within a small space.
LED - Light Emitting Diode. A bulb that is very efficient at producing light. Often small.
Convenience - A way of being able to carry out a task with little effort
Specification - A description of a product with the details of its attributes.
Warranty - A purchasers guarantee from the manufacturer for replacement/fix of goods when faulty.
Professional - A person that is trained within a profession.
Dimensions - The shapes and angles of something or a situation.
Year - 365 days (366 days in a leap year), the time taken for planet earth to make one full revolution around the sun.
Innovative - An idea that shows new method and ways of thinking, an original design.
Design - A drawing or styles that shows the look and functionality of something before its made.
Slots - A narrow opening which something can be inserted into, or a machine commonly found in casinos to win money and tokens.
Performance - When someone is presenting a form of entertainment, also how well someone is doing within a role.
Memory - A way to describe the way in which the brain can remember things.
Glossy - Something that is smooth and shiny in appearance.
Convenient - Something that suits and fits well to other activities.
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A UK based supplier of technology products including:
Flash Memory
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