Lite-On 8x Ultra Slim Portable DVD Writer - White

Lite-On 8x Ultra Slim Portable DVD Writer - White
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The ultra-slender & ultra-chic e BAU108 is the world’s thinnest external DVD drive, is merely 13.2mm height & 250g that easily slips into your bag whenever you need to use an optical drive. To make the e BAU108 more convenient not only is it powered by USB (Universal Serial Bus), so you don’t need to carry a power adapter, but the USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable is integrated into the drive so you don’t even need to carry any cables. It is today the best business travel companion for mobile professionals. The most advanced features are integrated into an e BAU108 of slender portable DVD burners, driver-free USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface, Smart-Burn, read speed adjustment, TV compatibility, all enclosed in a slim minimalist design. Ultra Slender & Light Only 13.2mm height & weighing less than 250grams, it’s the thinnest DVD burner in the world & also the easiest to carry! The easy to carry e UAU108 is ideal whether you want to watch DVDs, backup data, install applications, or burn a disc for a friend. Chic Stylish Design The e BAU108 has been carefully crafted to complement modern ultrabooks, netbooks, & touch panel PCs. Its attractive ultra-chic piano-black design is perfectly edged in elegant pure white. USB (Universal Serial Bus) Powered, No Adapter Needed The drive takes the electricity it requires directly from your laptop’s USB (Universal Serial Bus) port, just plug & play. No extra power cords, no bulky adapters, no extra weight need to be carried. Plug & Play Simplicity No need to install a driver, just connect to a USB (Universal Serial Bus) port & use. Compatible with all major operating systems including Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Linux, & MAC OS. Convenient Intergrated Cable With the tidy & convenient built-in USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable the e UAU108 is always ready to use, just grab the drive & go. SMART Burn for the Best Disc Burning SMART Burn technology always ensures the best possible burn. Smart enough to automatically adjust a whole range of settings including recording power & correction system, it can even protect against buffer underrun. Get total confidence in your disc burns. Smart-X Optimised Read Speed SMART-X technology knows that when you're watching DVDs you want it quiet, & when you're copying data you want it fast. It adjusts the maximum data read speed according to the task & the disc's quality. You'll always get best read quality, the best read speed, & the quietest operation for whatever you're doing! Link 2TV
- Extensive TV Compatibility Attach Link 2TV-enabled optical drive to any television that supports flash drives & other USB (Universal Serial Bus) devices to view video, music & picture files. It offers simple & intuitive operation, just press the eject button for five seconds to switch your optical disc drive into Link 2TV mode.

- Format: DVD
- Type: External
- Connection: USB (Universal Serial Bus)
- Style: Tray-load
- Min Operating Temperature: 5 °C
- Max Operating Temperature: 35 °C
- Dimensions: 140(W) X 13.5(H) X136.3(L) mm (5.5" x 0.53" x 5.4")
- Weight: 540 g
- Optical Storage
- Buffer

0.75 MB
- Random Access Time: Typical 130ms / Max 185ms
- PC Required: Pentium 4 1.3 G Hz or faster CPU & 128MB or higher RAM are required. HDD must have access time 20ms; with a minimum of 100MB free space, 9GB free space for creating a DVD image file(9GB for double layer; 5GB for single layer)
- OS Required: Windows® 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 & Linux, MAC OS
Supplier: MyMemory
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Jargon Buster (Suggest a new term - coming soon)
USB - Universal Serial Bus
Windows 8 - The latest version of the Microsoft operating system.
DVD - Digital Versitile Disc - an optical storage media
RAM - Random Access memory
HDD - Hadr disk drive - an electronic storage media
TV - A shortened term for television
Black - A colour which does not emit any colour of the spectrum. Black absorbs all frequencies of the spectrum.
CPU - Central processing unit. The processing centre of computer programs. The faster the processor usually the faster the computer
HDD - Hard Disk Drive, an electronic storage device
Vista - A computer operating system from microsoft released in 2006
Chic - A design term meaning smart or stylish
White - A colour combining all colours
Watch - A small clock designed to be worn on a person
Television - A device used for receiving moving images and sound
Button - A round or square object used for fastening clothing or other items
button - A small fastener used on clothing to secure two pieces of fabric together.
PC - Personal Computer - an electronic device for acheiving multiple electronic tasks including word processing, emails and internet access
Cable - A series of wires bonded to form a single thread
Stylish - A desirable design or layout
World - A physical grouping, commonly used to describe earth and everything associated with ti
weight - A measure of the force applied on an object by gravity. Measured metric in grams and kilos or imperial in lbs and oz
speed - A measurement of how fast an object travels between two points
disc - A round flat object often used in reference to a computer storage media
Quality - An object that has quality is superior in function and finish than a less quality object.
Size - is the measurement of how big an object is in space.
Weight - a measurement of how heavy an object appears due to the pull of gravity. For example the weight of an object on planet earth will be different to the weight of the object on the moon
USB - Universal Serial Bus. A method of connecting a device to a computer
Specification - A description of a product with the details of its attributes.
Install - A process of putting materials together to create a finished product.
Optimised - When a situation or item is improved or performance increased.
Simple - Basic, easy no difficulty in understanding.
Layer - Adding extra quantities of materials for extra practical benefits, e.g. warmth.
Dimensions - The shapes and angles of something or a situation.
Design - A drawing or styles that shows the look and functionality of something before its made.
Random - Something that appear out of the ordinary, chosen without method.
Ideal - Something that satisfies a perfect criteria.
Convenient - Something that suits and fits well to other activities.
Confidence - The feeling of being certain and belief in what you do.
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