SEA Glass Pro One Piece Carbon Sea Kayak Paddle

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Ainsworth SEA (Glass Pro Blade) One  Piece Carbon Straight Shaft - Low Angle Range

Please note that this product is only available for collection from our shop in Belfast.

This low angled narrow blade with soft dihedral & fine edges glides smoothly through the water. The excellent buoyancy in the blades minimises the energy used for each stroke making it ideal for long-distance sea touring.

Right-Handed Paddle:  The majority of paddlers are taught to paddle right handed.  The difference bewteen a right handed & left handed paddle is the way in which the faces of blades are orientated in relation to one another.


  • Blade Shape
    • A  low angles, narrow blade design glides smoothly through the water, minimising the energy used for each stroke.
    • Thin blade asymetric: 50 x 15 cm
    • 640 cm 2
  • Glass Pro
    • GLASS PRE PREG Blades
    • AINSWORTH has developed the ` Snap Cure` manufacturing technique for Glass & Carbon prepreg materials. This dramatically reduces the processing time to make products from these high tech materials & so the Glass prepreg range of paddles with their inherent high-performance characteristics can be offered at cost-effective prices that transform the affordability for High-End paddles.
    • This construction offers the same strength as carbon prepreg paddles but with a little more weight & flexibility, which is sometimes a paddler preference.
  • One-Piece Carbon Straight Shaft
    • AINSWORTH uses a carbon composite prepreg shaft with a percentage of bi-axial glass that increases the UTS (ultimate tensile strength) of the shaft. 
    • Glass has 3-5 times the elongation at break as carbon, & when laminated with the stiffer carbon material the best of both materials combine to make the ideal construction for paddle shafts.
  • Length
    • 215 cm / 84.65 in
    • 220 cm / 86.61 in
    • The most important factors in choosing the length for your paddle are your height & the type of Kayaking, Canoeing or SUP’ing you'll be doing. Personal preference is also an important factor.
  • Right-Handed Paddle:
    • The majority of paddlers are taught to paddle right handed.  The difference bewteen a right handed & left handed paddle is the way in which the faces of blades are orientated in relation to one another.
  • Feather:
    • 45 Degrees
  • Warranty
    • Ainsworth takes pride in creating the strongest, lightest & most durable paddles on the market. Ainsworth is very confident in the performance of its paddles & offers a one year warranty.
    • The warranty applies from the date of purchase & is restricted to the original purchaser. It covers defects in materials & craftsmanship under normal use. Note that the warranty does not cover edge wear.
  • Hand Made in Twickenham, United Kingdom
    • Product Code: K-GLASS-SEA-CSS-210-R-45

Paddle Length Guide:

The most important factors in choosing the length for your paddle are your height & the type of Kayaking, Canoeing or SUP’ing you'll be doing. We have tried to help you with this by creating a paddle guide, this is a guide only & there are other points to consider:

  • Personal preference is also an important factor.
  • People with long back require longer paddles.
  • A longer paddle gives you more support & makes it easier to learn to roll.
  • A floaty blade such as the AFT Classic range gives more support & the paddler uses less energy.
  • Children require a shorter paddle
  • In general, the longer the kayak, the longer the paddle. 

SUP Paddle Guide

Height (cm / feet)

Paddle Lengh (cm / in)

Under 5’ /  152.4cm

183 cm / 72 inches

 152.4 – 160.02 cm / 5’ – 5’3”

188 cm / 74 inches

162.53 – 172.72 cm / 5’4 – 5’7”

193 cm / 76 inches

172.72 – 175.26 cm / 5’8 – 5’9”

198 cm / 78 inches

177.80 – 182.88 cm / 5’10 – 6’

203 cm / 80 inches

185.42 – 193.04 cm / 6’1” – 6’ 4”

208 cm / 82 inches

Over 195.58 cm / 6’ 5”

213 cm / 84 inches

Supplier: Jackson Sport
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Hand - A part of the body at the end of the arm
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Cm - Centimetres, one centimetre is equal to 10 milimetres
Glass - A solid, typically transparent. Brittle and used in windows. The first patent granted in the UK was for Glass.
Warranty - A service provided by the retailer or manufacturer to ensure a device works for a period from new
Date - A day on a calendar
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Children - A young life form within the early stages of physical development,
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