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Sayhelloto beautiful healthy skin andgoodbyeto unsightly dry skin, corns and calluses. IntroducingPediWow;the most safe and effective callus remover ever Key Benefits and Features PediWowis a professional gradeDo-It-Yourself tool It is designed
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Product Description

Sayhelloto beautiful healthy skin andgoodbyeto unsightly dry skin, corns & calluses. Introducing Pedi Wow;the most safe & effective callus remover ever Key Benefits & Features Pedi Wowis a professional grade Do-It-Yourself tool It is designed to quickly, safe & easily remove calluses, dead skin & corns in any area & at the same time being safe & gentle It works well on yourfeet, toes, hands & fingers plus it works great on bothdry & wet skin It hastwo different exfoliating tips The Power Tip works on wide areas while The Precision Tip works on small & difficult to reach areas, it is like amassage for your feet It easilyscrapes away the calluses, dry skin & corns & once they are removed the exfoliating tip will safely slide over the newly exposed skin leaving the healthy skin untouched Its safe, easy & convenient too; you can leave your Pedi Wow in the shower & itwill not rust Included One Pedi Wow callus remover with 2 precision tips 1 dual-sided nail buffer 1 fine crystal nail file 1 clear attachment carrying case 4 Pedi Wow attachments including: 1 nail cleaner 1 cuticle pusher 1 ingrown nail file 1 curved side nail cleaner 1 cosmetic bag Buy nowand delight in having beautifully soft skin! Pedi Wow is backed by our 30 day money back guarantee


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Jargon Buster

Cuticle - Usually refers to the srips of dead skin at the sides and bottom of fingernails
Dry - A term used to describe an item with has little or no water present
Dry - A term used in wine making to describe the lack of sugar (sweetness)
soft - A descriptive word for an item/sound which is gentle to the touch or ears
Key - A physical or virtual device or code used for opening something
Carrying Case - A portable case for keeping items in safely.
professional - A term used to describe products or people which may be focused on specialist educational training
Day - The time it takes a planet or other space objects to complete one rotation.
Skin - The largest organ on a human. Its main purpose is to keep liquids inside the body.
Small - something that takes up less space than normal.
Crystal - A solid substance that has symmetrically carved plane faces and can be regularly found in jewellery.
Professional - A person that is trained within a profession.
Wide - Something with a large width.
Crystal - A solid clear substance with many surfaces that glisten, commonly used in jewellery
Crystal - A solid substance with symmetrically arranged planes, commonly found in jewellery.
Convenient - Something that suits and fits well to other activities.

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High Street TV
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