Atomic Vantage 75 C Skis + M 10 GW Bindings 2021

Atomic Vantage 75 C Skis + M 10 GW Bindings 2021
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The Vantage 75 C is fun & energetic with surprisingly good edge hold & response. Carbon Tank Mesh provides support & strength; the Cap Sidewall perfectly balances the need for grip & forgiveness in tricky conditions. It shines on piste but thanks to the tip rocker & design inspiration coming from wider skis, it also feels very comfortable in soft snow down the sides of marked runs. Terrain Type & Ability Level Terrain Type It is primarily piste, but the construction & the shape do mean that the ski is forgiving & smooth enough to tackle some more varied terrain off the sides of the piste. Blues & reds are its natural home, but it can still venture onto black runs, it just won’t be gripping carved turns down these steeper or harder slopes. Skier Type Novice & intermediate skiers who want a piste ski that is about stability as much as it is performance or response. The Light Woodcore & the lack of metal in the construction ensure it is not demanding to ski, meaning it doesn’t punish balance errors & is easy to get in & out of the turn. The Carbon Tank Mesh makes sure it isn’t flappy either. It’s a great first ski to really hone technique & feel totally comfortable on as you explore more of the mountain. Overview Shape 75mm in the waist is really in the piste

Dimensions category, but thanks to the Prolite construction & profile borrowed from the wider skis in the Vantage range it is happy in softer snow too. The contact points are only set back a little in the tip & tail, this helps with forgiveness when the snow is softer or trickier without affecting the hard snow performance. Rocker All Mountain Rocker uses 10/90 split of tip rocker to camber. The relatively small amount of rocker helps with turn initiation & control in unpisted & soft conditions, without affecting the camber which provides the grip & response on firmer snow. Core Atomic’s Light Woodcore uses poplar to optimise the skis weight without sacrificing any shock absorption or stability. Construction Cap Sidewall uses a full sidewall underfoot for controlled power transmission & great edge grip. The tips & tails use a cap construction to increase durability & make turn initiation & release simpler. Key Features Prolite Prolite is all about keeping the weight down without affecting the performance, achieved by using exactly the right amount of material in the right places & removing it where it isn’t needed. This creates interesting profiles such as the milled-out areas through the centre of the ski that save weight but use tougher materials so strength isn’t compromised & the built-up areas along the edges that transmit power so effectively. Carbon Tank Mesh A Layer of super rigid, woven mesh increases strength across the ski without adding weight or too much torsional Backbone An ultra-light insert that runs the length of the ski like a backbone, this provides exceptional agility without extra weight.e B tester’s comments: Simon (Fort William) I was skiing mainly on a cruisy blue with a varied mixture of fresh snow & ice. These were so easy to ski that I felt confident to tackle any of the conditions coming my way. Technical Specifications Size (cm) Tip Width (mm) Waist Width (mm) Tail Width (mm) Radius (m) Weight (g)169116.575101.516.21800 General Information Skier Ability: Novice/ Intermediate/ Advanced Terrain Type: All Mountain Rocker: Tip Rocker Radius: Medium Base: Sintered Bindings: Integrated, M 10 GWDIN: 3
- 10 Construction: Semi Sidewall Core: Wood, Composite, Carbon Demo: Yes Sizing Description: Nose level to forehead height is ideal, but longer length is important if there is a bigger rocker or you’re spending more time off piste where the extra stability & float a larger size provides will be beneficial.
Supplier: Ellis Brigham
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