Adidas Samba Adv Men's Snowboard Boots 2022

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Taking its styling cues from Adidas’s iconic Samba shoe, the Samba boot has very quickly gained a devoted following amongst snowboarders who are looking for a high performing all-terrain freestyle boot. Its combination of classic style, state of the art construction & exceptional performance has made it one of the best-selling boots on the market. However, the Samba isn’t exclusively about excellent performance, thanks to the feature-packed traditional lace construction & heat mouldable Silver Level Ultron Liner, it also delivers a level of fit & comfort that most boot manufacturers can only dream of. Power Lacing System Synthetic Leather Upper Continental Rubber Outsole• Silver Level Ultron Liner Internal Ankle Harness Cord Lock Articulated Cuff 3D Moulded Tongue Rubber Backstay Stiffness Rating: 5/10
Colour: Black/ White (900) Fit Profile: Slightly wider in the forefoot compared with the higher end Adidas boots but still with that tight heel & shallow instep. The Intuition liners let you customise the fit & feel more than a lot of other heat mouldable boots so make sure you take advantage of this process to optimise the comfort & performance of the boot.
Sizes: Samba Specification: Traditional Lace Closure Although it’s old & slow compared to most modern closure systems, traditional lace closure is still the system to beat. Giving you complete control of the boot tension it’s still the preferred closure system for freestyle snowboarders. Instep Power Lacing System This innovative design adds tension to the laces over the top of the foot, pulling it into the heel pocket of the liner. Silver Level Ultralon Liner The Ultralon foam offers superior thermoforming compared to the generic foam most manufacturers use. This creates a better fit, as well as being more resistant to pack out after heavy use. Inner Ankle Harness with Speed Lacing The Inner Ankle Harness is designed to ensure effective support & increased heel lockdown. Cord Lock The Cord Lock is an innovation for Adidas for this season & is designed to step up both response & support. This advanced technology attaches the inner harness closure direct to the tongue, improving the integration between the shell & the liner. Articulating Cuff This flexible cuff divides the upper & lower sections of the boot. It allows the upper to flex naturally without pushing out the lower part of the boot. This gives smoother power transfer & reduces wear on the shell. Continental Rubber Outsole Sturdy Continental™ Rubber outsole for optimal grip on snow & ice.
Supplier: Ellis Brigham
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Leather - Durable and flexible made from the tanning of an animals raw hide
Silver - A colour based on the colour of the metal
Silver - A chemical element, metalic. Has the highest elctrical conductance of any element. Also known for its exceptional anitmicrobal properties
Black - A colour which does not emit any colour of the spectrum. Black absorbs all frequencies of the spectrum.
Foam - A stubstance formed by trapping air in a solid or liquid
White - A colour combining all colours
Ice - Frozen water, the solid state of water.
Foot - A part of the body at the bottom end of the leg
Foot - or Feet - a measurement equivilent to 30cm
Heat - A term used to define thermal energy
Tension - A force that is stretching an object
Tension - Also known as stress, a situation where a human can not cope with emotional or physical threats
adidas - A major German based manufacturer of sportswear
rubber - Synthetic rubber is any artificial elastomer, usually a polymer, and is used as a substitute for natural rubber.
rubber - Natural rubber is an elastomer derived from the latex containing sap of some plants.
heavy - A concept of weight indicating an item may require some effort to lift or move
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Leather - Made from animal hides, is a flexible and durable material
Comfort - something that feels nice to the user. Often relaxing.
Shell - A hard external structure or surface.
Tight - The opposite to loose
Ice - Frozen water, Ice is cold to the touch and forms when water reaches 0 degrees centigrade.
Moulded - The shape of a product coming from a factory "mould".
Heel - Something that comonly belongs to a shoe, can give height particually in ladies shoes.
Traditional - Something that has become the same through a period of time and thus repeated.
Exceptional - Something that is very good.
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Specification - A description of a product with the details of its attributes.
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Adidas - A popular recreational sports brand.
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Adidas - A German sports clothing manufacturer, part of the Adidas group.
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Performance - When someone is presenting a form of entertainment, also how well someone is doing within a role.
Combination - The process of two of more things being mixed or combined together.
Tongue - The muscular organ found inside the mouth used for tasting.
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