Unagi The Model One E500 Electric Scooter

Unagi The Model One e500 electric Scooter
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The Unagi Model One has revolutionised personal transportation solutions & has redefined electric scooter performance. Designed from the ground up to deliver the ultimate in quality, performance & reliability, the Model One brings exquisite style & unrivalled convenience to discerning travellers. Its advanced dual 250w motor design delivers class-leading performance & the ability to drive you up inclines that most electric scooters would give up on. Combine that with the state of the art handlebar with intuitive dashboard layout, dual electronic ABS brakes & headlight, & not only do you have that power at your fingertips, you’ve also got all the control you could ever need. Now the Model One isn’t just about performance & quality; it’s also about convenience. Featuring Unagi’s patented One Button steel hinge system, the Model One quickly folds up, allowing you to carry or store your Model One with absolute ease. The Incredible Handlebar The magnesium alloy handlebar is a feat of structural engineering that required more than thirty prototypes to perfect. Integrated into the top bar are the intuitive controls of the dashboard—throttle, brake, horn, & Le D headlight. No visible wires. No bulky console. Just a sleek, integrated command centre that connects the rider to the ride. Why Magnesium? It’s 33% lighter than aluminium, which partially explains why the Unagi is the most portable scooter on the market. First “ One Click” Folding Scooter Press one button & the Unagi patented stainless steel hinge system folds & locks in one smooth, satisfying click. This engineering breakthrough makes it dramatically easier to fold & carry than every other scooter on the market. We know because we tested them. Brilliant Motor The Unagi Model One has a dedicated 250 watt motor in each wheel, supplying 500 watts & 32-newton meters of torque so you can easily tackle hills with up to 15-degree inclines. Our motors are completely custom-built utilising rare-earth neodymium magnets & a monitoring system to prevent overheating. These have been painstakingly optimised for performance, efficiency, responsiveness & longevity. Confident Braking One gentle push on the ergonomically optimised lever & the dual electronic anti-lock brakes bring you to a safe, steady stop. Both on our accelerator & brakes, we’ve built variability into our controls, so pushing down further increases their action. in addition, the Model One also features an intuitive friction brake, allowing users to adjust their riding style to a more classic “foot braking” position at their pleasure. Best Battery The Model One is powered by high-quality electric batteries that we continually strive to improve. Coupled with Unagi’s custom-designed management system, it provides the highest energy density & lowest charging time of any battery its size. Like everything on our scooters, longevity, & reliability are our primary focus. The batteries will last for many years with continuous daily use & then be easily replaced at home or by shipping it to us. Safe Lighting You’ll always see & be seen even in low-visibility nighttime conditions with a flush-mounted 47 lumen Le D front light & a rear blinking red Le D. Tube of all Tubes Unagi leverages TORAY carbon fibre from Japan to strike an unprecedented balance of lightweight & heavy-duty strength. The composite is anisotropic, a technical term meaning it’s laid down by hand in a painstaking process that optimises strength by distributing layers of the fibre where it’s needed most. You don’t have to tell your friends that your scooter uses the same carbon fibre as elon Musk’s Space-X rockets, but we can’t blame you if you did. Flawless Deck By combining a singular piece of machined aluminium with embedded silicon on the top surface for traction, the scooter deck achieves an ideal combination of rigidity & comfort. But what’s missing from this equation? The seams, joints, stitches, bulk, scratchy sandpaper grips, & harsh metal finish that comes standard with other scooters.epic Paint Job Run your hands over Unagi, & you’ll instantly notice the perfect finish. Unagi provides an exterior befitting a luxury vehicle with three separate coats including a laminate & a high-abrasion resistant paint to handle the wear & tear of the road. & most importantly, our scooters will never rust. & that high-tech paint comes in four vivid, stylish colours. So what colour is personal freedom? You decide. Breakthrough Custom Designed Tyres Flat tyres? Please. Our 7.5” wheels are made from solid rubber & puncture-proof, so they’ll never foil your morning commute. Our design team broke new ground on these tires. Notice the air pockets spread throughout the circumference of the wheel. These ingeniously act as a front & rear suspension system, providing the right amount of shock absorption that lets you still feel responsive balance & road feel. Speed Control Select your speed—beginner, intermediate, or advanced. The scooter’s processor governs top speed & acceleration & will remember your speed preferences, so you don’t have to. Uber-Kicking Kickstand Our kickstand is a perfect example of our ruthless obsession with detail. Unlike all other scooters on the market whose generic kickstands come from a third-party vendor, the Unagi’s kickstand is designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate with the deck. As a result, the stand is sturdy & simple & practically invisible when you’re riding.
Supplier: Ellis Brigham
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