Prunus Avium Bare Roots

Prunus avium Bare Roots
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A native species with fruits so bitter that only the birds will eat them
- but they'll love them! Wild Cherry can be trimmed to the same height as other species in a mixed native hedge or allowed to grow as a hedgerow tree. It has beautiful highly fragrant white blossom in May, pretty mid sized green leaves & wild cherries in autumn which will be much appreciated by wildlife. Flowers early March-October producing white flowers. Available in packs of 25 or 50 bare roots & grows 20-40cm per year. Masses of flowers Seasonal Colour Bare Root hedging plants are a great, cost-effective way for you to achieve your hedging goals. They are grown in an open environment, exposed to natural conditions, which allows these plants to develop with no restrictions. When opting for this root type, you will receive well established plants with sturdy root systems as a result of their growing method. Given the way in which they are grown, bare rooted plants are available from November until May as this is the time of year when the plants are dormant & can be safely lifted from the field. This category mostly consists of native, deciduous hedging species which many of them flower and/or berry so they make great hedges for wildlife & provide seasonal interest.
Supplier: Dobies
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Prunus avium Bare Roots
Prunus Avium Bare Roots
Prunus avium Bare Roots
Prunus Avium Bare Roots
Prunus avium Bare Roots
Prunus Avium Bare Roots
Prunus avium Bare Roots
Prunus Avium Bare Roots
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Blossom - A common term used to describe the flowers of stone fruit trees
White - A colour combining all colours
Flower - The reproductive part of a plant. Colourful to attract insects to pollenate
Fragrant - Used to describle something that has a smell, usually pleasant but also used for unpleasant smells
Year - The time it takes the planet earth to orbit the sun. This takes around 365.25 days.
Love - Someone who shows deep affection for someone else.
Natural - not manmade
Flower - A product that comes from planting a seed, tend to be the brightly coloured part at the end of the stem.
Autumn - A season which falls between summer and winter.
Year - 365 days (366 days in a leap year), the time taken for planet earth to make one full revolution around the sun.
Sturdy - something hat is very stable and is solidly built.
Environment - The conditions and surrounding area.
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Dobies is a gardener's dream come true! Since 1880, Dobies has been supplying UK gardeners with the seeds, plants, and supplies that they need in order to help their gardens grow. In recent years they have been consistently rated as one of the best garden suppliers in the UK. Dobies does not sell seed varieties which are the result of genetic modification, choosing to sell non-modified varieties of seeds, bulbs, and plants. They also offer a variety of vegetable seeds and plants in their annual catalogue, making Dobies a smart choice for those looking to begin working on their own allotment. Dobies also offers a wide range of garden equipment so that gardeners can properly take care of their plants. Priding themselves on their history as an indispensable asset to gardeners, Dobies of Devon has more than earned a reputation as one of the best gardening suppliers in the UK.

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