Reflex Peptide Fusion (2.1kg)

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Reflex Peptide Fusion 2.1kg The only way to build quality muscle is by training hard & ensuring your body is fed with the best possible proteins throughout the day. Proteins that will both switch on protein synthesis & limit muscle breakdown. Peptide Fusion is the answer. Its the only protein powder you can buy that has a guaranteed ratio of 33:33:33 of egg white, whey protein & micellar casein. Its the protein powder that should be on the top of your shopping list if you are serious about maintaining & growing more muscle. Micellar Casein Peptide Fusion contains micellar casein. Perhaps the least processed of all milk derived proteins, micellar casein is a very pure product which is highly sought after in the bodybuilding community. Skimmed milk is ultra filtered to provide undenatured micellar casein proteins without the use of acids or processing methods that could change the fragile micelle structures. Peptide Fusion contains bioactive ultra filtered whey protein concentrate providing undenatured whey fractions. Our preferentially selected whey protein is derived from ultra filtered sweet dairy whey & fresh skimmed milk. It is very carefully processed at temperatures that preserve whey peptides & is spray dried with a lecithin coating to ensure easy mixing. Reflex Nutrition secure only batches that meet our strict criteria which account for higher levels of protein & lower levels of fat & lactose. Our whey protein is tested to ensure that all whey fractions are present in their undenatured form. Peptide Fusion contains egg white protein isolate. Egg White Protein Up until very recently, egg white was the king of all proteins with a biological value of 100 (only whey beats it with a score of 104). Egg is absorbed by the body at a medium rate of digestion providing all essential amino acids for growth & repair. The great thing about egg white protein is that it contains virtually no fat or carbohydrate. The egg white used in Peptide Fusion is of the highest quality, made from certified European eggs that are guaranteed free from Salmonella. Full money back guarantee, independently tested for protein content & a new generation of supplements from Reflex made using 100% renewable electricity. All Reflex Nutrition products are made in our state of the art factory here in the U.K in accordance with IS09001 procedures. We independently drug test & protein test random batches of Peptide Fusion® along with all Reflex products in accordance with ISO17025. Environment Friendly Reflex Nutrition cares for the environment, the electricity used at our factory is 100% green renewable energy, & its container is recyclable. This new protein blend features a precise & equal serving of Micellar Casein, egg isolate & and whey concentrate. Ranging from fast absorbing & digesting to slow release rates, these proteins provide an all round high quality solution for almost all requirements. In essence, Peptide Fusion caters for a high & sustained protein diet throughout the day & night. As, with the more established of products from Reflex Nutrition you can expect the very best quality of whey concentrate which is ideal post workout nutrition. Perhaps the icing on the cake for this Peptide Fusion is the inclusion of peptide bonded glutamine. Inlike many other products bought as a combination, the glutamine found in this product will not compete for absorbtion. Digestive enzymes are also included to help the bodies over all ability to maximise the benefits of Peptide Fusion. Reflex Peptide Fusion
- Nutritional Breakdown Per 100g Energy K Calories 354 Protein 78 Carbohydrate 4 of which sugars 4 Fat 2.9 of which saturates 1.9 unsaturates 1.1 Fibre 0.5 Sodium 120mg Potassium 440mg Calcium 756mg Digezyme 100mg
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White - A colour combining all colours
Milk - A dairy product white in colour
King - The figure head of a monarch
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