Abode AT2053 Swich Water Filter Diverter - Square Handle In Brushed
Nickel With Soft Water Filter

Abode AT2053 Swich Water Filter Diverter - Square Handle in Brushed Nickel with Soft Water Filter
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. Features we love Provides filtered water on demand with the turn of a handle Reduces plastic waste by eradicating the need for bottled water in the home Helps save money over a few years when compared with buying bottled mineral water Filter designed to improve taste odour & effects of hard water removing the chlorine at the same time as other unwanted impurities Quick & easy installation with pioneering use of push-fit pipe technology. All about me Introducing the revolutionary Swich water filter system from Abode. This will transform your kitchen tap new or old into a filtered water tap delivering a constant supply of crystal clear filtered water. It is easy to install & works with your standard mixer tap. Simply turn the handle control to indicate the type of water supply that you wish to channel through the tap – giving you immediate access to both the domestic supply & then to water via the Abode Swich filter cartridge delivering clear refreshing results. Installation is quick & simple. Abode has pioneered the use of push-fit pipe technology for the simply DIY installation of the filtered water diverter system. Normal domestic water passing over the activated carbon filter reduces chlorine levels & reduces sediment dirt dissolved metals & rust resulting in a substantially enhanced water taste Need to know Swich Features. Brushed nickel finish Square control handle design Can be fitted to ANY kitchen tap new or existing For SOFT water areas Suitable for reversible sinks Quick & easy to install Requires a minimum of 1 bar pressure Maximum distance from tap Approx 500mm Maximum 50mm worktop depth 5 year warranty Dimensions (Round Design) Height – 15mm Diameter – 53mm. Filter Features. Filter for soft water areas Granular activated carbon media Filters particles down to 5 microns nominal Maximum flow rate 3 litres per minute depending on water quality Maximum approximate life 1000 litres or 6 months (whichever is sooner). What is Water Hardness & which Swich filter do I need? When rainwater hits the ground it will either remain soft or reach a certain level of hardness depending on the region. The harder the water the more limescale it will deposit around your home. See the map illustrating the hardness in regions throughout the UK. If you live in an area with soft water you will need to choose the soft filter Abode Swich. If you live in an area with hard water you will need to choose the hard filter Abode Swich...
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Chlorine - A chemical element mainly used in bleaching and disinfectants
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UK - United Kingdom - An island nation in Europe
Minute - A measurement of time, 60 seconds is equal to one minute
Carbon - A common element, in its simplest form is coal. The element can take different form from hard diamonds through graphite to soft carbon
Filter - A device used to separate mixtures
Filter - An optical device to remove or enhance particular wavelengths of light.
water - A chemical substance. Chemical formula H2O.
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