1200mm Toilet And Basin Combination Unit - 2 Drawers - White - Right
Hand - Agora & Purificare

1200mm Toilet and Basin Combination Unit - 2 Drawers - White - Right Hand - Agora & Purificare
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This bundle

1 x Back to Wall Smart Bidet Toilet Combo
- Built in Dryer and; Spray
- Purificare  1 x Agora Right Hand Resin Basin 1 x Agora WC Unit 1 x Agora Basin Vanity Unit 1 x Wirquin Dual Flush Concealed Cistern Features we love Contemporary design this combination unit will look exceptional in any bathroom Super easy to use

a remote control with clear icons & integrated toilet controls Kind to the environment and reduce the need to use toilet paper or wipes; simply wash dry & go Rimless pan design reduces the build-up of bacteria germs & limescale making it easier to clean Improves personal hygiene as it gives you a thorough clean & reduces the spread of germs
Includes: concealed cistern so no need to make any additional purchases  All about me This smart & stylish toilet brings your bathroom into the 21st century. Combining a toilet & bidet it offers ultimate personal hygiene while also being environmentally friendly & saving you money. Taking inspiration from futuristic Japanese toilet design it offers multiple functions that are simple to operate by using the remote control or the integrated dial on the toilet including Rear wash cleansing. – Experience thorough cleaning with this setting Front/feminine wash. – A gentle wash for her intimate area Drying function. – Choose to dry yourself for the complete cleaning experience Water pressure. – Five levels of spray intensity Adjustable hose. – Five positions adjustable it's washed before each use too Water/air temperature. – Five washing or drying temperatures Smart nightlight. – Turns on when low light is detected & aids nightly trips to the bathroom; the blue glow reduces exposure to specific light wavelengths that otherwise wake you up It's suitable for anyone including less-abled or elderly users as it gives them more independence & enables carers to provide support without being too intrusive. & because there's no need for bending or twisting when using it's great for anyone with lowered mobility or who is recovering from an injury.  Just like a shower it uses warm water to cleanse you which delivers a more thorough gentle & beneficial clean than if using toilet paper. It also dries you which means you'll never have to use toilet paper again
- saving you money on the shopping run & reducing your impact on the environment. It promotes natural toilet hygiene & reduces the spreading of germs so you'll feel refreshed after every visit Need to know. Toilet

Dimensions. H410 x W370 (384 including dial controls) x D593 mm Unit

Dimensions. H880 x W1210 x D958mm (give +/-2mm per mmt) Remote control magnetic holder

Dimensions. L120 x W40 x D7 mm Toilet finish. White glazed Toilet material (bowl). Ceramic Waste connections. Wall & floor Pan fixing kit included. Yes Cistern included.   Yes Toilet unit included.   Yes Total weight assembled. 35kg Max weight capacity. 175kg Assembly required. Yes guarantee   Toilet. 2 years (1 year parts). Furniture. 5 years Please note. RCD included An. RCD. is a. sensitive safety device. that switches off electricity automatically if there is a fault. An RCD is designed to protect against the risks of electrocution & fire caused by earth faults View User Manual ».
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1200mm Toilet And Basin Combination Unit - 2 Drawers - White - Left Hand - Agora & Purificare
Better Bathrooms
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1200mm Toilet And Basin Combination Unit - 2 Drawers - White - Right Hand -Agora
Better Bathrooms
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900mm Toilet And Basin Combination Unit - 2 Drawers - White - Right Hand - Agora
Better Bathrooms
1200mm Toilet and Basin Combination Unit - 2 Drawers - White - Left Hand - Agora
1200mm Toilet And Basin Combination Unit - 2 Drawers - White - Left Hand - Agora
Better Bathrooms
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Bathroom - A room usually with a bath and/or shower
Paper - A thin sheet mainly used for writing. Available in a variety of colours. Made mainly from wood pulp.
Contemporary - A design reference to indicate post war modern design
White - A colour combining all colours
Dry - A term used to describe an item with has little or no water present
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Blue - A primary colour
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water - A chemical substance. Chemical formula H2O.
RCD - A residual-current device is a safety switch mechanism used to prevent electrocution.
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This award winning bathroom company have been trading since 2001 and sell a huge range of bathroom related supplies and accessories. You can purchase bathroom suites, showers, tiles, bathroom furniture, bathroom mirrors, heated towel rails and a variety of bathroom accessories. Their range of styles, colours, materials and designers are impressive with something to suit everyone's taste. As well as having a thriving online store, they also have three showrooms in the North West and a 100,000 sq ft warehouse where they keep all their stock. This means that when you order from their website you can be sure that the items you need are in stock and available to be delivered direct to you. Their website includes extensive customer reviews as well as videos of all their products so that you can get right products and make an informed decision.

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