Sumvision Cyclone Mini Desktop Windows 10 PC V2 NEW MODEL!

Sumvision Cyclone Mini Desktop Windows 10 PC V2 NEW MODEL!
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Small & powerful, this mini PC from Sumvision offers all the benefits of a fully licenced Windows 10 operating system but in a compact size
- 149mm (L) x 103mm (W) x 36mm (H).

Powered by an Intel quad core processor with a clock speed of up to 1.84 Ghz, this computer has high spec components. It's a carefully engineered mix of stylish black piano design combined with small & robust components, making it ideal for entertainment or your job.

Unlike Android players, it offers true HD video playback on popular video streaming from Netflix, You Tube, Kodi/XMBC, etc
- just connect it to your TV or monitor. 

There are plenty of ports plus Bluetooth & Wi-Fi to connect the computer to your display, keyboard, mouse, etc. You can even enjoy a dual screen experience with HDMI & VGA setup or play games.

It has 32GB of inbuilt storage, but you can expand the capacity with an SD card up to 512GB or by using an external USB (Universal Serial Bus) hard drive enclosure.

When it comes to work, you can use the Sumvision Cyclone Mini PC as a versatile portable PC to create spreadsheets, documents or presentations.

With a power rating of 12W compared to an average PC power rating of 220W, this computer could help save you money on your energy bills & be more environmentally friendly. It comes with a UK 3-pin plug.

A large aluminium heat sink keeps the Cyclone Mini PC cool even when under heavy lead, meaning there's no need for a noisy fan
- so you can enjoy a silent & tranquil experience.

Please see product links on the left hand side of this page for peripherals, such as Bluetooth keyboards, etc.

Specifications Operating system: Windows 10 Home
CPU: Intel Quad-core Z8300 1.84 Ghz
GPU: Intel HD graphic
Expandable storage: SDXC card slot (up to 512GB)
Storage: 32GB
Memory: 2GB DDR 3L
Wireless: 802.1.1/b/g/n
Video output: HDMI 1.4/VGA
Audio output: HDMI 1.4/3.5mm jack
Bluetooth: 4.0
Input: 3 x USB (Universal Serial Bus) Host & SD slot
Network: 10/100 Mbps LAN
Dimensions: 149mm (L) x 103mm (W) x 36mm (H)
* Cherry Trail processor has two major advantages, support for 3840×2160 up to 60 Hz / 4096×2160  What's included?1 x Sumvision Cyclone Mini PC
1 x Power adaptor (UK 3-pin plug)
1 x Instruction manual

Supplier: 7dayshop
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USB - Universal Serial Bus
Bluetooth - A short range wireless mainly used for connecting to mobile phones
Aluminium - Corrosion resistant lightweight metal
HDMI - High-Definition Multimedia Interface
LAN - Local Area Network
DDR - Double Data Rate
2GB - 2 Gigabytes
TV - A shortened term for television
Black - A colour which does not emit any colour of the spectrum. Black absorbs all frequencies of the spectrum.
CPU - Central processing unit. The processing centre of computer programs. The faster the processor usually the faster the computer
UK - United Kingdom - An island nation in Europe
Computer - A programmable electronic machine which stores and manipulates data.
Clock - A device used for telling the time
Heat - A term used to define thermal energy
VGA - Video Graphics Array - A term used to describe a resolution of 640x480 pixels
Hand - A part of the body at the end of the arm
Hand - A pointer which indicates time on a clock face
compact - Carefuly designed to ensure an item has a minimal physical size
PC - Personal Computer - an electronic device for acheiving multiple electronic tasks including word processing, emails and internet access
3-pin plug - A common name for a UK standard plug
Keyboard - A device with keys, letters, numbers and function keys used for interacting with a device
Keyboard - A musical instrument similar to a piano
Stylish - A desirable design or layout
Entertainment - Something that provides amusement
Intel - World leaders in silicon chip development and manufacture. Chips for Laptops, desktops and mobile devices. Their main competitor is AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)
Audio - Also known as sound. An audible vibration wave which can be heard.
heavy - A concept of weight indicating an item may require some effort to lift or move
speed - A measurement of how fast an object travels between two points
robust - An physical or metaphorical object which is well built or hard to destroy
Size - is the measurement of how big an object is in space.
Components - Multiple items used to complete the product.
Network - A link and communication between things. Often computers or people.
USB - Universal Serial Bus. A method of connecting a device to a computer
Large - something that takes up more space than normal.
Small - something that takes up less space than normal.
Compact - something that has a lot combined within a small space.
Quad - Multiple items, meaning four
Versatile - Something that can be adapted to various different tasks.
Versatile - Something that is able to adapt to its surroundings or its requirements.
Processor - A part of a computer or machine that processes functions,
Home - A place of permanent residence for families.
Manual - A book of instructions to build or operate items, also a form of labour which your hands are used.
Experience - To gain further knowledge by practising.
Dimensions - The shapes and angles of something or a situation.
Popular - Something that is admired and liked by many people.
Design - A drawing or styles that shows the look and functionality of something before its made.
Engineered - Something that is developed and created by specialists (engineers).
Wireless - A wire free device that uses radio and microwaves to send signals.
Fan - A piece of equipment that has blades that rotate to cool the air, can be installed within other equipment,
Model - A representation of a person or thing, usually smaller scale. It can also be a person that wears clothing.
Memory - A way to describe the way in which the brain can remember things.
Ideal - Something that satisfies a perfect criteria.
Supplier Information
Based in Guernsey and benefiting from a VAT free situation 7dayshop are idealy situated to offer quality photography and technology products and unbelivable prices.

*7dayshop comes highly recommened by productWIKI for their no-nonsense customer focused business*

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