7dayshop Non-OEM Remanufactured CB336EE Black Ink Cartridge (No.350
XL) For HP

7dayshop Non-OEM Remanufactured CB336EE Black Ink Cartridge (No.350 XL) for HP
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Fantastic Colour quality & vibrancy. Consistent Performance. Unbeatable value. Increased Ink Levels ISO-9001 Certified. Brand new remanufactured range just arrived
- Absolutely superb in every way. These are finest top quality replacement cartridges for your HP printer. We have tested these cartridges fully & have found that print quality was at least equal to the originals, if not better!
Manufactured from the highest quality virgin empties & only OEM chips to ensure maximum quality & compatibility.
- Lower cost printing when compared to OEM cartridges
- Envorimentally friendly due to re-use of cartridge
- Fully Compatible Chips
Recycling is great, reusing is better. Recycling cartridges is much better than throwing them away. However, original cartridges for many printers, including Canon, Dell, Hewlett Packard & Lexmark can be cleaned, refilled & reused, rather than crushing & recycling. Only the best empty cartridges are used, & they are remanufactured to the highest standards. This means much less environmental damage, lower cost to you, & no compromise on performance. We just think it's silly to crush & recycle anything that can be easily reused. Once you've used them, you can send them off to be processed all over again. With this process, cartridges can be reused many times, & reduce wastage by over 90%!
Our cartridges are produced to the highest quality standards possible, ensuring that overall performance matches or exceeds OEM cartridges in every area. We warrant products to be free from defects in materials & workmanship.
We want you to be 101% Delighted
- If you purchase & are not totally satisfied with the results of these superb cartridges then please return back to us for a refund of the purchase price paid
- try them today, be amazed & save yourself some good money at the same time!!

Compatible with: HP Deskjet D4200
- HP Deskjet D4245
- HP Deskjet D4250
- HP Deskjet D4260
- HP Deskjet D4263
- HP Deskjet D4268
- HP Deskjet D4300
- HP Deskjet D4360
- HP Deskjet D5345
- HP Officejet J5700
- HP Officejet J5725
- HP Officejet J5730
- HP Officejet J5735
- HP Officejet J5738
- HP Officejet J5740
- HP Officejet J5750
- HP Officejet J5780
- HP Officejet J5783
- HP Officejet J5785
- HP Officejet J5788
- HP Officejet J5790
- HP Officejet J5885
- HP Officejet J6400
- HP Officejet J6405
- HP Officejet J6410
- HP Officejet J6413
- HP Officejet J6415
- HP Officejet J6424
- HP Officejet J6450
- HP Officejet J6480
- HP Officejet J6488
- HP Photosmart C4200
- HP Photosmart C4205
- HP Photosmart C4210
- HP Photosmart C4225
- HP Photosmart C4240
- HP Photosmart C4250
- HP Photosmart C4270
- HP Photosmart C4272
- HP Photosmart C4273
- HP Photosmart C4275
- HP Photosmart C4280
- HP Photosmart C4283
- HP Photosmart C4285
- HP Photosmart C4288
- HP Photosmart C4293
- HP Photosmart C4294
- HP Photosmart C4300
- HP Photosmart C4324
- HP Photosmart C4340
- HP Photosmart C4342
- HP Photosmart C4343
- HP Photosmart C4344
- HP Photosmart C4345
- HP Photosmart C4348
- HP Photosmart C4380
- HP Photosmart C4383
- HP Photosmart C4384
- HP Photosmart C4388
- HP Photosmart C4390
- HP Photosmart C4400
- HP Photosmart C4410
- HP Photosmart C4424
- HP Photosmart C4435
- HP Photosmart C4440
- HP Photosmart C4450
- HP Photosmart C4470
- HP Photosmart C4472
- HP Photosmart C4473
- HP Photosmart C4475
- HP Photosmart C4480
- HP Photosmart C4483
- HP Photosmart C4485
- HP Photosmart C4486
- HP Photosmart C4488
- HP Photosmart C4493
- HP Photosmart C4494
- HP Photosmart C4500
- HP Photosmart C4524
- HP Photosmart C4540
- HP Photosmart C4550
- HP Photosmart C4570
- HP Photosmart C4572
- HP Photosmart C4573
- HP Photosmart C4575
- HP Photosmart C4580
- HP Photosmart C4583
- HP Photosmart C4585
- HP Photosmart C4588
- HP Photosmart C4589
- HP Photosmart C4593
- HP Photosmart C4599
- HP Photosmart C5200
- HP Photosmart C5240
- HP Photosmart C5250
- HP Photosmart C5270
- HP Photosmart C5273
- HP Photosmart C5275
- HP Photosmart C5280
- HP Photosmart C5283
- HP Photosmart C5288
- HP Photosmart C5290
- HP Photosmart C5293
- HP Photosmart C5368
- HP Photosmart C5580
- HP Photosmart D5345
- HP Photosmart D5355
- HP Photo Smart D5360
- HP Photosmart D5363
- HP Photosmart D5368 -
Supplier: 7dayshop
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Black - A colour which does not emit any colour of the spectrum. Black absorbs all frequencies of the spectrum.
Canon - A Japanese company specialising in imaging and optical products
Ink - A liquid containing pigments and dyes
Printer - A device used for the physical output of documents
OEM - Original equipment manufacture, unbranded products for the retailer to brand as thei own.
Lexmark - An American manufacturer of printing and imaging equipment. Formed in 1991
Colour - The categorised spectrum of light visable to humans
Quality - An object that has quality is superior in function and finish than a less quality object.
Hp - Horse Power. A measurement of power. The greater the horsepower output, the more energy it produces.
Performance - When someone is presenting a form of entertainment, also how well someone is doing within a role.
Print - A mechanical process of putting text onto paper. It can also relate to a pattern on an item.
Supplier Information
Based in Guernsey and benefiting from a VAT free situation 7dayshop are idealy situated to offer quality photography and technology products and unbelivable prices.

*7dayshop comes highly recommened by productWIKI for their no-nonsense customer focused business*

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