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This family owned household retailer have been trading since 1930. After opening their first branch in Leicester, they had opened a further nine by 1940, today they have 300 stores throughout the UK. Their product range centres around household goods and home ware items. They sell a large range of own brand 'Wilko' items across their whole product range. They sell household items such as cleaning equipment, bathroom supplies and kitchen equipment. They also have a large range of DIY products such as paint, wallpapers, home improvement products and DIY equipment. They have also introduced health and beauty products, stationery, confectionery and small appliances. Their pet products include pet food, animal housing, bedding products, animal toys and accessories. Their product range is affordable, and they make a promise to their customers to always offer everyday value on everyday items. Wilkinson also contribute 1% of annual profits to charitable causes every year.
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