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Waterstones is a leading high street and online bookseller with thirty years' experience. The company now has almost 300 stores throughout the UK, including the Piccadilly flagship store which is the largest bookshop in Europe. Other superstores are located in Glasgow, Nottingham, Manchester and Bath. The largest stores stock around 200,000 titles while average shops stock around 30,000. Waterstones' customers are invited to browse and enjoy the unique selection of books that every shop strives to provide. The company is staffed by knowledgeable people who love books and are happy to help customers find the book they are looking for. Shops often contain cafes where customers may take a break from browsing and enjoy a little refreshment amidst the relaxing atmosphere. While browsing instore can be a rewarding way to buy books, Waterstones also operates a user friendly and streamlined website from which books can be ordered quickly and efficiently.
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