SAMSUNG UE28F4000 HD Ready 28 Inch LED TV With 100 Hz & Dolby
Digital Plus & DTS Studio Sound

SAMSUNG UE28F4000 HD Ready 28 Inch LED TV With 100 Hz & Dolby Digital Plus & DTS Studio Sound
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The Samsung UE32F4000 A 28” LED & HD ready television – the UE28F4000 is at the top of its range. Bursting with features & with its outstanding performance, you don’t want to miss out on this set. Plug & Play This feature might sound fun, that’s because it is. Simply plug in any external memory devices in to your set via USB (Universal Serial Bus) & this feature will enable you to access all of your personal content. Whether this is your photos, videos or music, you can have it all in front of you on a big screen & even enjoy with family & friends. The television has 2 HDMI inputs; this means that you can connect to a blu-ray player & can also connect your games console up to the set. The possibilities are endless – the UE28F4000 is more than just a TV. Sublime picture quality With its hyper real engine & LED screen, the UEF4000 gives you crystal clear picture quality. This particular model also has built in Wide Colour Enhancer Plus, this means that you can get the most from your set by enhancing vibrancy & quality, making animations in particular really stand out. Games will also look great with this advanced picture quality too. To ensure the visual aspect of this TV is at the top end, the screen is also HD Ready. Perfect for movie nights & gaming for the kids, this set will not disappoint on picture & quality. Eco friendly Powerful televisions can mean high power consumption, however with the UEF400 this is not the case. In fact this set is extremely Eco friendly with the on mode consumption as small as 30 watts. Samsung have done it again & managed to give us a spectacular TV & one that suits the economy. Why the UE28F400? New to the Samsung range this television still has a lot to compete with. Needless to say it is up there with the top models for 2013. Although the TV is not SMART, it compensates with other features & its outstanding picture quality. Not only does it perform well, it looks the part too & will look incredible as part of the furniture.
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SAMSUNG UE32F4000 HD Ready 32 Inch LED TV With 100 Hz & Dolby Digital Plus & DTS Studio Sound
SAMSUNG UE32F4000 HD Ready 32 Inch LED TV With 100 Hz & Dolby Digital Plus & DTS Studio Sou
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USB - Universal Serial Bus
HDMI - High-Definition Multimedia Interface
Blu-ray - 25GB / 50GB Disc format
LED - Light Emitting Diode - a small light source
TV - A shortened term for television
Engine - A machine designed to convert fuel into motion
Inch - Equivalent to approximately 2.5cm
Digital - A system that uses only 0s and 1s to transmit data
Television - A device used for receiving moving images and sound
Samsung - A South Korean electronics manufacturer founded in 1938
Friends - A close associate or a popular US based sitcom about a group of friends
Fun - Something that provides amusement or enterainment
Colour - The categorised spectrum of light visable to humans
Dolby Digital - A sound specification for surround sounds. Upto 5.1 surround sound system with excellent audio quality.
Quality - An object that has quality is superior in function and finish than a less quality object.
Set - a group of items usually related to one another. Some objects cannot function without the complete set of items.
USB - Universal Serial Bus. A method of connecting a device to a computer
Small - something that takes up less space than normal.
LED - Light Emitting Diode. A bulb that is very efficient at producing light. Often small.
Spectacular - Something that catches that eye due to its eye catchingness.
Crystal - A solid substance that has symmetrically carved plane faces and can be regularly found in jewellery.
Wide - Something with a large width.
Crystal - A solid clear substance with many surfaces that glisten, commonly used in jewellery
Personal - Something that belongs more to an individual due to it affecting them more by relating to them.
Feature - An attribute that makes something stand out.
Performance - When someone is presenting a form of entertainment, also how well someone is doing within a role.
Crystal - A solid substance with symmetrically arranged planes, commonly found in jewellery.
Model - A representation of a person or thing, usually smaller scale. It can also be a person that wears clothing.
Memory - A way to describe the way in which the brain can remember things.
Disappoint - When expectations are not met.
Kids - A young child.
Family - A group of people that live together made up from parents and children.
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