O'Neill Psycho RG8 3/2mm Men's Wetsuit

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The brand new ground breaking Psycho RG8 for summer 2011. After years of research, investment & development into producing a more environmentally friendly wetsuit, the new Psycho RG8 is the outstanding results of this regeneration program. A limestone based neoprene incorporating recycled plastics has created not just an eco neoprene but an Ultra Flex material that is super flexible, lighter & warmer. This neoprene has changed the bench mark for O' Neill's neoprene & has set the standards for years to come. Super stylish combined with ultra performance. The new extension to the psycho family, the RG8 is more environmentally friendly & is built with the F.U.Z.E. front zip entry system. As always tried & tested by the best surfers in the world. Here's what O' Neill have to say about this cutting edge wetsuit. O’ Neill is proud to launch the latest generation of our ground- breaking Psycho series- The Psycho Regenerate Series takes the best aspects of our incredible Zen-Zip closure found in our Psycho wetsuits & uses the same technology in a front-zip entry. The new F.U.Z.E. closure system has been tested by O’ Neill’s most intense team riders in the most frigid waters across the globe, & all reports point to yet another ground- breaking addition to the Psycho Family. Raw
Materials: • Body: 100% Ultra Flex RG8- O’ Neill’s exclusive new neoprene offers the same flexibility & warmth of our Ultra Flex DS material in a more environmentally friendly option. Using Limestone-based neoprene & recycled plastics on the inner & outer layers, the RG8 neoprene promises to take the Psycho Series to the next level for years to come. • Back: Smooth Skin Ultra Flex Firewall/ Knee: Krypto • Neck: Glideskin
Features: • F.U.Z.E. Closure System- O’ Neill’s exclusive Front Upper Zip Entry offers a fresh alternative. Using the same floating zipper technology as our Z.E.N. zip closure, the F.U.Z.E. closure keeps you dry without restricting flexibility • Code Red Zipper • Exterior Single Seam Weld • Plasma Wrist & Ankle Seals • Super Minimal Seam Design • LSD- Lumbar Seamless Design • External Key Pocket with Loop
Supplier: Trans Surf
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