Swimovate PoolMate HR

Swimovate PoolMate HR
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The fantastic Swimovate Pool Mate HR is a heart rate monitor that works underwater, perfect for swimmers who want to view their heart rate whilst they swim & download & analyse the data later. It's not just for swimming either, use it whilst you exercise on dry land too. This fantastic swim watch will monitor all the information you need: laps, strokes, speed, distance, calories, stroke length, strokes per minute & efficiency & these are all calculated automatically from your arm movements. A unique new feature is the vibrating alarm which will go off when you have swam a certain number of laps, distance or time interval
- leaving you to concentrate on your technique without having to count laps in your head. The stylish design belies the touch & durable construction that will withstand almost any abuse the water can through at it. A USB (Universal Serial Bus) pod (included) will recharge the Pool Mate HR & download all your data to your computer. Features In the Pool Automatic lap & stroke counting Distance Speed Calories & efficiency Heart rate Vibrating alarm All strokes & pools over 18m Yards & metres Out of the Pool Chrono mode Heart rate Multi session memory Large clear display & back light Rechargeable Battery 24hr alarm clock Sapphire crystal glass & ceramic surround On your Computer Software for Mac & PC Set by set data Lap by lap date Graphical analysis Track progress & history Stroke length, stroke cadence Heart rate zones Specifications Battery life
- approx 30 days, charge time
- approx 2 hrs (to replace battery, either return to Swimovate Ltd for battery replacement or take to a watch maker or jeweller
- make sure you tell the jeweller it is a waterproof watch) Weight
- 67g Diameter of face
- 48mm Strap fits wrists from 14.5cm to 21.5cm 12 month guarantee
Includes:: USB (Universal Serial Bus) download & charging pod, USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable, chest belt, software download from swimovate.com/downloads Do not dive into the water with the Poolmate on as it can force water into the case
Supplier: Simply Swim
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Diameter - A measurement across a circle passing through the middle
Battery - A device used for the storage of electricity
Sapphire - A semi precious genstone
Computer - A programmable electronic machine which stores and manipulates data.
Alarm - A device which emits a sound at a pre-set time/event
Clock - A device used for telling the time
Dry - A term used to describe an item with has little or no water present
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