Simply Be
Simply Be Logo are part of the huge home shopping company JD Williams. The company was started in 1875 and is now the most successful home shopping company in the UK. As a brand Simply Be cater to women’s plus sized clothes. They believe that your size should not prevent you from looking fashionable and having access to the latest styles and trends. They stock fashion, swimwear, underwear, accessories, shoes and sportswear, exclusively in sizes 14-32. They sell evening wear, casual wear, tailored work wear and have great advice on how to put outfits together. They know how to create looks that flatter and styles that are contemporary for plus sized women. They also stock top brands such as AX Paris Curve, Grazia, Frock and Frill, Project D and Voi Jeans. They are market leaders in the plus size market and are strong rivals to similar high street brands.
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