SubSterone 4oz Dated 12/13

SubSterone 4oz Dated 12/13
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LG Sciences Substerone 4 oz Sub Sterone Is The Most Potent Natural Ecdysterone Mass Gainer! Ecdysterone has been the subject of much debate & controversy in its 15 year existence. Many ecdysterone products have come & gone with mixed results. There is one thing that is proven though, when given to animals & even people in the right way, ecdysterone increases strength, size & muscle. You can get prohormone like gains from this natural product IF you know the secret...AM Logs On Sub Sterone Before we give you the science & the information behind Sub Sterone, lets get to the heart of it. What REAL users on AM are saying about this product! Rodja on Sub Sterone -" Amazing session; hit 2 PRs on big lifts & felt great. I love how good of a mood that this ecdy puts me in. Its kinda odd because this is how I start to feel on test boosters & not really ecdy. My mood, focus, & aggression are all up along with my focus & work capacity." Johnfaceman on Sub Sterone after 15 days..."20 pound increase on all lifts. My legs are by far my easiest place to gain size & strength. I think I might not increase all that much more on my legs. I also think that my free test is up because my libido increases after every leg workout."and after 20 days..." Lifts increased once again across the board. Felt easy. Grip strength has been ridiculous. I am really killing it & inspired to. Lifting friend broke down & asked me what I was doing differently"ZB126 on Sub Sterone for 30 days..." For a recomp, I couldnt have asked for more. It was easy to maintain leanness while gaining muscle with sub ECDY...I started at 174lbs & ended at 181lbs, so I gained a total of 7lbs on thirty days of sub ECDY. I am very impressed with this!.. . I would also note that with a very small increase over maintenance calories, these gains can clearly be attributed to substerone." What Does Pub Med Say?" According to our results 20E may provide an alternative for substitution of anabolic-androgenic steroids"" The application of phytoecdysteroids is a promising alternative to the use of anabolic-androgenic steroids because of the apparent lack of adverse effects."" It has been determined that beta-ecdysone is one of the effective constituents for the androgen-like & anabolic action." The Ecdysterone Scandal! First, ecdysterone is NOT orally active. Its rapidly cleared by the liver. Which is why the LGSciences " Under The Tongue" delivery method (AKA Sublingual) is more efficient. This bypasses the liver & delivers ecdysterone to the muscles! The second reason most ecdysterone products dont work...quality. Ron Kramer first brought this to my attention & it was pretty amazing once I dug into it. Real, good quality ecdysterone is hard to come by & very expensive & I know enough now to use the good stuff. The Chinese like to play games with testing protocols. They sell Edysterone 90% UV tested & pass it off as a quality product. Unfortunately UV testing is very crude & could be giving you only 10-20% of the active ingredient. What you really need is Ecdysterone 80-90% HPLC. HPLC is a testing method that actually tests for the single ecdysterone ingredient. So, since most people are using the UV tested crap, taking even a gram of ecdysterone isnt going to do you any good. What Kind Of Gains Can I Expect From Sub Sterone? For younger guys, it seems to have a greater effect. For us older guys, it seems to help lean us out & increase strength. You need to make sure you have a high protein intake with this product either way, since it helps to increase protein synthesis. Sub Sterone stacks great with prosteriods, anabolic steroids & prohormones because it helps increase the activity of steroid molecules by speeding up messenger RNA. This is the stuff that tells muscles to build more protein, so you want to stack it with androgens like our Methyl 1-D or at least a very good test booster like our Formadrol (plug) or a natural anabolic like our Natadrol. Sub Sterone will make you denser than ever before. It will increase strength & should help you pack on the size (especially if you are under 25). What else is in it? Cofactors that should really help push the product forward were in the test product & seemed to prove out!6-Keto-Diosgenin is another type of ecdysterone derivitive that has been shown in both anecdotal & Russian research to help build mass & size. Its a quality ingredient that should really help the ecdysterone density!ECDYSTERONE WORKS! When you deliver it properly & use a quality extract there is no doubt that ecdysterone works!
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