Dyson CINBIGBALLAN2+ Cinetic Big Ball Animal2+ Cylinder Bagless Vacuum

Dyson CINBIGBALLAN2+ Cinetic Big Ball Animal2+ Cylinder Bagless Vacuum
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Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal 2+ Cylinder Bagless vacuum   The Cinetic Big Ball Animal 2+ is the only vacuum with no filters to wash or replace. This model’s powerful performance has been designed with pets in mind, making it ideal for homes with furry friends. ***** Bagless Cleaning ***** This Dyson cylinder vacuum is a bagless model, so you will never have to buy or change a vacuum bag again. The CINBIGBALLAN2+’s larger, high-capacity bin holds more dirt than the previous model, so you won’t need to empty it so often. Unlike most bagless vacuums, this model’s bin emptying button doesn’t just open a flap; it actually drives the dirt out of the bin. This means no more knocking & tapping the container to get the dust & debris out. Empty your bin easily, at the push of a button. ***** Clever Technology ***** This product uses Dyson’s Cinetic™ technology, using 35 high-frequency, oscillating Cinetic™ tips to capture microscopic dirt & dust particles. This separates out & captures dust that would clog many other vacuums. Thanks to Dyson Ball™ technology, moving the vacuum around your home is a breeze. Steer it into hard-to-reach places easily, with accurate steering control & a 360o articulated handle. The clever Cinetic Big Ball Animal 2+ also self-rights when toppled, so you can always expect a smooth cleaning experience without interruption. ***** Versatile Cleaning Tools ***** The Cinetic Big Ball Animal 2+ comes with five handy tools. These include a Stair Tool, Combination Tool, Carbon Fibre Turbinehead, Tangle-Free Turbine Tool & Reach Under Tool. The Tangle-Free Turbine Tool has counter-rotating heads with brushes to lift hair from your carpets & upholstery effortlessly. ***** Convenient Features ***** Reach every corner without having to change plugs thanks to the 6.7 metre cable & 3.16 metre stretch hose. Say goodbye to cleaning clogged filters with the Cinetic Big Ball Animal 2+. There are no dirty filters to wash or replace, saving you time & money.
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