Dirty Dog Sport Sunglasses EDGE: Yellow/White Frame: Red Fusion Lens

Formula 1
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Dirty Dog High Performance Protection! PUREBRED Performance at a value the competition just can't match. Dirty Dog eyewear is the culmination of 20+ years of advanced technology revolutionising the industry & delivering unprecedented eyewear into the hands of the most discriminating fanatics. Breaking new ground in both performance & value, take advantage of Dirty Dog technologies at a level that everyone can attain. Designed to last; designed to get you dirty! Key
- Excellent all purpose lens with true colour. Good for bright light. GLARE BLOCK
- Polarised lenses block 100% of reflected horizontal glare for perfect vision. COLOUR CLARITY
- Accurate colour for enhanced perception. DISTORTION FREE
- Precision curved lenses for a crystal clear view. CONTRAST
- Enhanced contrast for sharper definition. EYE COMFORT
- 4 UV filters reduce eye fatigue. PROTECTION
- protection from harmful UVA, UVB & UVC rays. STRENGTH
- Dirty Dog's advance lens technology has created stronger lenses making them safer & less susceptible to damage. WEIGHT
- Moulded from superior lite weight materials ideal for sport & comfort Supplied with microfibre cloth pouch. Serious eyewear for seriously dirty people. Size LARGE.
Supplier: OnPole com
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LENS - An optical element which converges or diverges light
White - A colour combining all colours
Eye - An organ which detects light
Yellow - A primary colour. The sun is often described as yellow
UV - Ultraviolet - a specific wavelength of light invisible to the human eye
fatigue - A medical aspect of tiredness.
Key - A physical or virtual device or code used for opening something
Red - One of the three primary colours
Colour - The categorised spectrum of light visable to humans
weight - A measure of the force applied on an object by gravity. Measured metric in grams and kilos or imperial in lbs and oz
edge - Enhanced data rates for GSM evolution also known as enhanced GPRS. A mobile phone technology with improved data transmission rates.
edge - The point at which two surfaces meet
Size - is the measurement of how big an object is in space.
Weight - a measurement of how heavy an object appears due to the pull of gravity. For example the weight of an object on planet earth will be different to the weight of the object on the moon
Comfort - something that feels nice to the user. Often relaxing.
Large - something that takes up more space than normal.
Moulded - The shape of a product coming from a factory "mould".
Accurate - A measurement of precision when all elements are correct.
Crystal - A solid substance that has symmetrically carved plane faces and can be regularly found in jewellery.
Crystal - A solid clear substance with many surfaces that glisten, commonly used in jewellery
susceptible - Something that can be easily harmed or influenced.
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Crystal - A solid substance with symmetrically arranged planes, commonly found in jewellery.
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Vision - To be able to imagine, also can mean what you can see.
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