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Medic Animal  Logo is a large online retailer of affordable animal supplies, including veterinary products, pet furniture and accessories, travel products and toys. Most products are geared towards dogs and cats, with over 1000 products for dogs and over 500 for cats, but they also offer a large range for other animals, including birds, horses, farm animals and small animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits and reptiles. The range of veterinary products is comprehensive and MedicAnimal is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC), which means that their products are guaranteed to be authentic, safe and verifiable. Products are approved in the UK and identical to those dispensed by local vets. Veterinary care is taken seriously at MedicAnimal and they provide useful information on prescriptions on their website together with an online or telephone advice service. MedicAnimal offers safe and secure payment with free, fast delivery.
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