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This well-known pharmacy has over 1650 branches across the UK and is committed to its vision of being a great healthcare brand. Branches are conveniently located in central community and health centre locations and staff strive to provide informative advice to all customers, with private consultation areas available in almost all pharmacies. Lloydspharmacy works closely with the NHS to deliver specific healthcare services, including services aimed at the prevention and management of chronic conditions. Health check services include free blood pressure testing, free diabetes testing, cholesterol checks and heart checks. Lloydspharmacy also sell a range of healthcare products for the home, such as blood pressure monitors, cholesterol monitors and allergy relievers. The Lloydspharmacy website has extensive features including online prescription ordering, information on medical conditions and an online advice service. Run by qualified pharmacists, the online service is a useful and convenient way for people to access expert knowledge.
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