AL-KO Hurricane 2200E Blower/Vacuum

AL-KO Hurricane 2200E Blower/Vacuum
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The AL-KO Hurricane 2200E blower/vacuum is the latest (October 2009) & even more efficicient version of the earlier & popular AL-KO Hurricane 2400E & 2000E models. An evolution of the popular AL-KO Hurricane model, the new 2200E features eye catching new livery for the 2010 season. The 2200W motor provides a blowing speed of 205km/h, & suction capacity of 9.7m 3/min. The large 40L capacity with innovative pre-separator collects pine cones & stones in a separate box, shredding leaves & reducing green waste by up to 90%, depositing the mulch into the zipped collector bag. With a shoulder strap & guide wheel, the Hurricane can be easily wheeled along hard surfaces, reducing operator fatigue. Manufacturer's 2 year warranty

Guide Wheels: The nose guide wheels roll along the ground, taking the weight of the machine & reducing operator strain. 90% Reduction: Leaves are efficiently shredded upon collection, meaning less stops to empty the collector. Pre Separator: Separates heavier pnie cons or stones from leaf litter, preventing damage or blocking of the shredder turbine. Specifications: 2200 Watt electric motor 205 km/h blow speed Suction capacity: 9.7m 3 /min 40 litre collection bag Weight 5.1kg

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Supplier: Lawn Mowers UK
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Eye - An organ which detects light
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