Swift EB132C2 32cm Compact Mower With Battery And Charger

Swift EB132C2 32cm Compact Mower with Battery and Charger
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Swift machines are a cordless & affordable garden range of tools which are designed & engineered in the UK. Powered by 40v rechargeable batteries, these cordless machines have been produced for urban homeowners who would like a cable-free alternative to electric & a fume-free & low maintenance substitute to petrol engines. The range all come fitted with long-lasting digital brushless motors which have been designed with cooling vents to reduce overheating. The Swift EB132C2 is a lightweight & compact cordless mower with a 32cm cutting width. Ideally suited for smaller gardens, this mower kit comes supplied with a battery & charger. Swift 40v batteries are packed full of power & will mow an area up to 250m 2 on a single charge. The mower displays the remaining battery life via the clear battery cover. The battery life is optimised by a clever digital sensor which reduces or increases the battery power depending on the grass conditions. To ensure the best cut possible, the EB132C2 cordless mower has an innovative front comb which prepares the grass for cutting. The lawnmower straightens the grass before cutting & leaves an even & precise cut. The grass clippings are collected into the 30 litre grass box which compacts the grass cuttings as efficiently as possible. With cutting heights ranging from 20mm to 60mm, the EB132C2 will tackle longer grass & trim it down to a neat length. The mower also comes supplied with a mulch plug which reduces the grass clippings into tiny pieces. The fine mulch is deposited back onto the lawn where it decomposes and creates a nutrient-rich fertiliser. The mower has a carry handle for transportation & the handles fold for storage. Comes supplied with a battery & charger. Recharging time is 4 hours. Specification: Power: 40v / 80 Wh Battery Motor: Digital Brushless Ignition: Start Button Safety key & switch Cutting Deck

32cm Cutting Heights: 20-60mm Height of Cut Adjustment: 5 positions, Single Lever Grass Collector: 30 Litre Digital Power Sensor Handles: Quick Folding Weight: 11kg Warranty: 2 Years Machine & Charger, 1 Year Battery 3 years manufacturer's warranty when registering the online guarantee.
Supplier: Lawn Mowers UK
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Litre - A unit of volume equivilent to 1000 Mililitres
Grass - A narrow leaved green plant
Electric - A general term for the flow of electric charge
Battery - A device used for the storage of electricity
UK - United Kingdom - An island nation in Europe
Digital - A system that uses only 0s and 1s to transmit data
Garden - An outside area with grass and foliage
Warranty - A service provided by the retailer or manufacturer to ensure a device works for a period from new
Batteries - Portable Power sources in cell form
lawn - An area of aesthetic or recreational land planted with grasses.
garden - A planned space used for the display, cultivation and enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature.
compact - Carefuly designed to ensure an item has a minimal physical size
Key - A physical or virtual device or code used for opening something
Cable - A series of wires bonded to form a single thread
cutting - The seperation of an object usually using a cutting tool such as a knife
overheating - When a device of object becomes too hot. Can also refer to economic markets to describe demand outstripping supply.
Year - The time it takes the planet earth to orbit the sun. This takes around 365.25 days.
Quick - Something that is fast
Compact - something that has a lot combined within a small space.
Alternative - Another available choice or possibility
Specification - A description of a product with the details of its attributes.
Warranty - A purchasers guarantee from the manufacturer for replacement/fix of goods when faulty.
Precise - A measurement on the accuracy of something
Affordable - Something that is within a set price range that can be afforded due to its reasonable price.
Width - The measurement of something from one side to the other.
Optimised - When a situation or item is improved or performance increased.
Year - 365 days (366 days in a leap year), the time taken for planet earth to make one full revolution around the sun.
Innovative - An idea that shows new method and ways of thinking, an original design.
Engineered - Something that is developed and created by specialists (engineers).
Rechargeable - Something that can be charged back to its original state, e.g. batteries.
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