John Deere X540 (54 Inch Deck) Ride On Lawnmower

John Deere X540 (54 inch Deck) Ride On Lawnmower
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The X540 premium lawn tractor offers customers the highest-quality of product. These versatile machines can handle a variety of tasks & incorporate a number of desirable features for comfort, convenience & performance. Key
Features: Fully welded steel frame & cast-iron front axle provide an extremely strong platform for more comfort, more versatility & more durability. 26hp liquid cooled engine featuring the John Deere exclusive i Torque Power System providing maximum output & performance. Liquid cooling provides longer engine life, quieter running & enhanced fuel efficiency. Xenoy molded in colour bonnet material is very durable, hides scratches & will not rust. It also incorporates unique & efficient, full-length air vents for enhanced engine cooling as well as presenting a modern appearance. Headlights are standard equipment. Power steering with five position tilt steering wheel allowing the operator to select the most comfortable setting. Hydrostatic Twin Touch pedal control for simple operation of the machine. Colour coded controls are conveniently located for simple operation & identification. These include mower engagement, hydraulic deck lift, cruise control, park brake & separate throttle & choke. Electronic dash display featuring fuel gauge & hour meter as well as warning lights for battery power. Foot engaged differential lock to provide extra traction & stability particularly when operating on slopes. High back suspension seat features distinctive styling & comfort. Open back design allows air circulation to keep operator cool. Seat can also be adjusted to different positions to suit the operator. 12volt power outlet provides a convenient plug in for electrical equipment. Cup holder & tool box are conveniently located on the rear fender which also incorporates handles to assist in getting on & off the machine. This model has a 54 inch Edge Xtra cutting deck
- designed to handle a large volume of material as well as provide excellent cut quality. Mower deck height adjustment is easily adjusted with the rotary dial. Specifications: Engine 26 hp Kawasaki V-Twin OHV Cooling Method: Liquid Lubrication System: Full pressure, with oil filter Transmission Type: Automatic with Cruise control Differential Lock: Automatic/hydrostatic Control System: Twin Touch foot control system Number of Speeds: Infinite Speeds: Forward 0-11.3 km/h (0-7 mph) Reverse 0-6.4 km/h (0-4 mph) Mower Engage System: Electric clutch Electrical System: 15 amp regulated Fuel Capacity: 18.9 L Seat: Seat 18 cm (7 in.) open back Tyres: Front Tyres 16x 6.5-8 Rear Tyres 23x 9.5-12 Turn Radius: 55.9 cm (22 in.) Mower Deck: 54 inches Mower Lift System: Hydraulic Mower Cut

25-102 mm (1-4 in.)
- cutting height Increments 6.35 mm (1/4 in.) Dimensions: Wheelbase 130 cm (51.2 in.), Overall Length 200 cm (79 in.), Overall Height (Seat Top) 121.9 cm (48 in.), Overall Width (Tractor only) 104 cm (41 in.) Weight (Tractor only) 327kg (721 lb) A mulching kit (£135) & a Power Flow Two Bag Grass Collector (£727) are available as optional extras
- please ring us on 01452-616169 for further details or to order. Manufacturer's 2 year warranty
Supplier: Lawn Mowers UK
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