Mitox 271-MT Multi Tool Package

Mitox 271-MT Multi Tool Package
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Due to overwhelming demand we are pleased to be able to offer this fantastic value multi-tool set. The Mitox 271-MT represents excellent value for money
- 4 high quality tools, powered by a full crank 26cc engine, all for an incredible price. Mitox tools range offers great quality & value, & the 271MT is no different. The tried & tested Mitox 26cc engine can be attached in seconds to a hedge trimmer, pole pruner, grass trimmer or brushcutter head, by a robust aluminium quick lock coupling. With only one engine to service & fuel, plus practical storage, the 271-MT offers an ideal solution to complete garden maintenance for domestic users. Manufacturer's 2 year warranty for domestic use

Full Crank Engine
- All Mitox machines are powered by full crank 2 stroke engines, providing high performance & reliability at an unbeatable price. Aluminium Coupling
- The robust aluminium quick lock coupling enables attachments to be changed in seconds, with a high quality construction ensuring no metal fatigue or failure. Versatile
- 4 tools in one machine
- a 40cm articlutating hedgetrimmer, 10" pole pruner, grass trimmer & brushcutter
- with one full crank engine to fuel, store & service. Technical

Engine: Mitox Full Crank 2-Stroke Power: 25.4cc / 0.75kw Coupling: Heavy Duty Aluminium Quick Release Handle Type: Ergonomic Rubber & Loop Handle Included Weight 4.7kg
Supplier: Lawn Mowers UK
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Aluminium - Corrosion resistant lightweight metal
Ergonomic - A specific design to fit the purpose of the user
Grass - A narrow leaved green plant
Engine - A machine designed to convert fuel into motion
Garden - An outside area with grass and foliage
Warranty - A service provided by the retailer or manufacturer to ensure a device works for a period from new
rubber - Synthetic rubber is any artificial elastomer, usually a polymer, and is used as a substitute for natural rubber.
rubber - Natural rubber is an elastomer derived from the latex containing sap of some plants.
fuel - A material used to generate energy.
garden - A planned space used for the display, cultivation and enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature.
fatigue - A medical aspect of tiredness.
multi-tool - A device which can complete several tasks
heavy - A concept of weight indicating an item may require some effort to lift or move
weight - A measure of the force applied on an object by gravity. Measured metric in grams and kilos or imperial in lbs and oz
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