Hitachi Smart Fit P2 Kit

Hitachi Smart Fit P2 Kit
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Save money by purchasing this Hitachi 21.2cc split shaft strimmer with long reach articulating hedge trimmer, tree pruner, & extension shaft attachments Kit (compared to purchasing the items separately). Ideal for strimming, long reach hedge cutting & tree pruning. The Kit comprises 1. The Hitachi 21.2cc Split Shaft Grass Trimmer (CG22EADSLP)A 21.2cc loop handle grass strimmer with split shaft that allows users to attach a variety of gardening attachments.
Features:S start: soft & smooth engine recoil starter Displacement 21.2cc Solid steel drive shaft Nylon line trimmer head supplied as standard Specifications: Displacement: 21.2cc Maximum Power: 0.63kw Fuel Tank Capacity: 520cc Shaft diameter: 24mm Dimensions(L x W x H): 1, 780 x 640 x 620mm Dry Weight: 4.7kg Manufacturer's 2 year warranty Note: the following additional attachments are available for this model as optional extras: Cultivator Edging Tool 2. The Hitachi Hedge Trimmer Attachment (CGHT) An articulating hedge trimmer attachment for long reach hedge trimming. Cutter head swivels so you can cut across the top of tall hedges. Length of attachment 1426mm, weight 2.3kg. 3. Hitachi Pole Saw/ Pruner Attachment (CGPS) A pole saw/pruner attachment that will fit the above models. For pruning thicker shrub & tree branches. Length of attachment 1179mm, weight 1.7kg. 4. Hitachi 90cm Extension Shaft Attachment (CGEX) A 90cm length shaft extension for the above models. Weight 0.9kg.
Supplier: Lawn Mowers UK
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