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Based in Cardigan Bay in Wales, Howies are a clothing brand that sell active clothing for active people. They specialise in outdoor clothing for activities such as biking, running and hiking. The brand have an ethical approach to their business and believe in making products that last longer to help protect the environment. They also ensure that their products are made from organic cotton where possible. They cater to both men and women, not only selling outdoor wear, but also items for everyday use such as jeans, tops, jackets and accessories. Their approach to their outdoor wear has a no nonsense approach. They believe in creating clothes that allow the wearer to move freely, be comfortable and also be protected from harsh environments. They create their clothes to be seamless, just like the human body. As well as their online store, they also have a physical store in their home town of Cardigan Bay, and a screen printing T Shirt business which represents how the brand of Howies began.
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