Magimix Food Processor - 5200XL Premium 40th Anniversary Edition -

Magimix Food Processor - 5200XL Premium 40th Anniversary Edition - Green
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Magimix 40th Anniversary Edition

a Smoothie Maker, Dough Bowl & Mash & Puree Kit Our Magimix range incorporates all three styles of their world renowned food processor, choose from the Compact 3200, the mid-range Cuisine 4200 or the powerful Cuisine 5200 series. Magimix is THE brand when it comes to food processing, incorporating beautiful stylish designs with robust & practical features. A Magimix Food Processor is one electrical appliance that you won't want to hide in your cupboard, just make sure you have room on your worktop. Used by professional chefs & amateur cooks alike, a Magimix Food Processor will offer you years of service, in fact the manufacturers' are so confident of their design the motor comes with a 12 year guarantee. The Cuisine 5200 is the popular larger food processor with a powerful 1100W commercial grade motor, which means it can cope with all tasks you throw at it & is suitable for large family use. One notable feature is that the Cuisine 5200 comes with 3 bowls to ensure you always have the most efficient mixing or cutting action with the amount of ingredients you are using. The mini bowl is 1.2L, the midi bowl is 2.6L & the main bowl is 3.6L giving you the capacity to process larger or smaller volumes. The cutting & mixing blades have also been chosen by Magimix to reflect their committment to quality, the 5200XL comes with Sabatier Knife Blades. Also included is a 2mm Reversible Slicing/ Grating Disc, 4mm Reversible Slicing/ Grating Disc, a Citrus Press, a Dough Blade, a Geared Egg Whisk, flexible Spatula & an Accessory Storage Box. In fact, everything you need to process food in your kitchen. The Magimix 5200XL model comes with an extra large feed tube for whole fruit & veg, plus additional accessories, the Parmesan disc & 4 single sided slicing & shredding discs (rather than the dual sided discs with other models). Magimix have enhanced their food processors even more with the introduction of the new Blender Mix attachment which now comes with all Magimix food processors. The Blender Mix attachment makes blending far more efficient in terms of speed & smoothness of blend than has previously been possible in a food processor. The Blender Mix attachment has three legs which fit flush to the inside of the bowl. They continually push the food & liquid that is centrifugally thrown to the top & sides of the bowl back down to the blades. As food is pushed back to the centre of the bowl a vortex is created which is how traditional blenders work. The Blender Mix attachment is therefore perfect for creating soups, cocktails, smoothies & milkshakes. The Blender Mix attachment is ideal for blending varying liquid quantities. When blending to the maximum liquid capacity of the bowl, the Blender Mix attachment is simply pushed to the inside of the lid & the lid is then fitted on top of the bowl. When blending smaller quantities simply place the Blender Mix attachment inside the bowl. The Blender Mix attachment is simple to fit, simple to use, simple to clean & with simply great results!40th Anniversary Edition 40
Supplier: Housemakers
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Motor - A evice that converts electricity into motion
Blades - Part of a tool or machine which has a cutting edge
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compact - Carefuly designed to ensure an item has a minimal physical size
blade - A flat part of a device which usually has a cutting edge
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