Steelseries Spectrum 7XB Wireless Headset (Xbox 360)

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The Steel Series Spectrum 7xb combines advanced wireless technology with Steel Series' signature features like interchangeable ear cups, a retractable mic system & a 4 piece travel- friendly breakdown. The headsets wireless transmitter (no larger than a deck of playing cards), utilizes a 2.4 GHz proprietary radio interface which powers the wireless functionality of the headset. The transmitter connects directly into the Xbox 360 console & is equipped with connections for USB (Universal Serial Bus), 3.5mm & RCA jacks allowing the user to choose their preferred connection. The Spectrum 7xb is powered by 50mm drivers for a superior reproduced soundscape. Perfected for Xbox 360, the Spectrum 7xb was tested by professional gaming teams in order to achieve great sound for all ears. The 7xb can also be used as a wireless headphone to enjoy music, TV & movies. Advanced Sound - The Spectrum 7xb is powered by 50mm drivers for a superior reproduced soundscape. Perfected for both Xbox 360 & PC gaming, the Spectrum 7xb was tested by professional gaming teams in order to achieve great sound for all ears. The 7xb can also be used as a wireless headphone to enjoy music, TV, & movies. Interchangeable Ear Cushions - It's important to have options. The Spectrum 7xb is equipped with leather ear cushions that are interchangeable with cloth earcups that can easily be swapped out for a completely different audio experience. Regardless of what type of sound you prefer, both ear options surround the outside of the ear, making them comfortable to use. The cloth ear cushions are sold separately. Intelligent Wireless - The Spectrum 7xb operates with wireless 4 Mbit/s bandwidth for true "lossless" digital audio. It was designed to avoid interference from other devices, using intelligent frequency hopping up to 344 times/second to offer crystal clear audio. The Spectrum Transmitter - The Spectrum Xbox 360 transmitter connects the headset to your Xbox & operates up to 9 meters (32 ft.) away. The headset features a smart LED to notify when the headset is connected. Perfect for Travel
- The ability to disassemble the Steel Series Spectrum 7xb into 4 pieces including each earcup, headb&, & the cord, makes it absolutely ideal to travel with. Five Powerful Buttons
- All found on the right earcup, 7xb wearers can access 5 important buttons that will ultimately improve the way they control their audio & hear their game: On/ Off, Volume Up/ Down, Live Mix, & Exact SND. Live Mix - Steel Series Live Mix means that you can hear everything that matters in team-based games; you simply click one button to activate this feature. Live Mix balances the levels between Xbox LIVE chat & in-game audio on-the-fly, as the game develops around you, making it easier than ever before for you to hear your teammates. Exact SND (pronounced: Exact Sound) - The Exact SND button means that you can switch between 3 settings that have been preconfigured for three very different uses: Performance, for directional sounds footsteps & gunfire; Immersion, for optimized environmental sound & game music; & Entertainment, for increased bass levels & environmental sound when watching movies. Retractable Microphone System - The unidirectional microphone is only compatible with Xbox 360 & can be retracted & hidden in the left ear cup. This signature & durable Steel Series headset feature allows users to operate the headset in any type of environment, whether in your own home or out in public. The easy & safe mic storage makes travel to tournaments or to a friend's house worry-free. Automatic Power Off - After prolonged inactivity (approx. 5 minutes) the Steel Series 7xb will automatically shut down ensuring that you get the most out of your 20+ hours of battery juice from the two AAA batteries powering the headset. Multiple Headset Connections - Now, because gaming is usually more fun when you play with others, you can connect up to 4 Steel Series Spectrum headsets to your TV/ Xbox 360 at a time. More Than Gaming - Tuck away your microphone & simply listen to your favorite movies, music, & entertainment, wirelessly. Connect the Steel Series Transmitter box to your Mac or PC for a wireless headphone audio experience at a range of up to 30' from those devices. What's in the Box – The Steel Series Spectrum 7xb Headset, Xbox 360 transmitter, 2 AAA batteries, voice cable to controller, audio connection cables & documentation. Key
Features:• Wireless Xbox 360 headset.• Interchangeable hear-through cloth & noise dampening leather ear cups.• Easily dismantles into 3 separate parts.• Retractable unidirectional microphone.• Independent game & voice volume controls.• Steel Series Live Mix, for optimal Xbox LIVE chat & ingame audio.• Optimized & adjustable soundscape for high, low & mid tones.• Sound & voice compatible with Xbox Live.
Supplier: Go2Games
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