Haverland Designer RCWave RC7W Electric Radiator - 1100w

Haverland Designer RCWave RC7W Electric Radiator - 1100w
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Energy Efficient Heating with Eco Benefits Reduce Energy Costs with Precision Thermostat Easy DIY Plug in & Go Installation Save Money with 24/7 Digital Programming Fast Efficient Heat Distribution  Smart Heating for your Home & Office Ultra Slim Design Latest Energy Efficient Dry Thermal Technology Thermal Safety Limiter Optional Remote Control with Extra Timer Features Lifetime guarantee On Radiator Body 100% Recyclable Aluminium Body Optional Feet Available for Freestanding Fitting 84.6 x 52.5 x 7.4 cms (Wx Hx D) The Haverland RC Wave Electric Radiator is a DIY, energy efficient, wall mounted, electric radiator with thermostat, digital timer & free delivery. Haverland Designer RC Wave RC7W slimline digital electric radiators are energy-efficient with the latest dry thermal technology, a high precision electronic thermostat & fully programmable heating control. Dry thermal elements emit heat by a combination of convection (pushing heat around the room) & radiation (pushing heat out). The precision thermostat is accurate to within half a degree, so the radiator will switch on or off automatically to maintain a comfortable temperature. Fully programmable controls allow you to set a 7 day heating schedule to suit your lifestyle, with different settings for every hour of every day of the week, if needed! This allows you to minimise waste and keep your heating bills as low as possible. The RC Wave range is also mess-free, safe & easy to use. Dry thermal technology uses fully enclosed heating elements with no liquid or moving parts, so our radiators cannot leak, & will not lead to wall blackening. Our radiators come with full programming instructions, a lockable built-in control panel & the option to purchase a remote control which means that you can programme all your radiators without leaving your seat. Integrated computer memory ensures that your settings will not be lost if your radiator is disconnected from the mains for up to 4 hours – a useful safeguard in the event of a power cut. The ultra slim, stylish design of our radiators make them attractive,  space-saving additions to your home. They're eco-friendly too: the 100% recyclable radiator body is made from high grade recycled aluminium. We’re so confident in the superior manufacturing quality of Haverland radiators that we offer the RC Wave with a lifetime guarantee on the radiator body – read the full warranty here. The RC Wave is a more economical radiator than comparable Haverland ranges such as the RCA & RCE electric radiator range. The RCA range does not include programming features so each radiator must be purchased with an additional controller. RCE radiators do not come fitted with a plug, so must be fitted by a qualified electrician. With excellent in-built control facilities & suitability for DIY installation throughout the home, the RC Wave is not only a superior heating solution but a more economical choice for your home. Installation is simple & fast, a straight-forward DIY task. Simply screw to the wall & plug in at the nearest socket. If you prefer to install freestanding, a set of feet can be purchased separately. For more information, take a look at the complete RC Wave manual. Available in five

450W, 800W, 1100W, 1400W & 1700W. Designed by David Marquez & manufactured in Spain
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