Electrorad Digi-Line DE50SC55 Single Panel Electric Radiator - 500w

Electrorad Digi-Line DE50SC55 Single Panel Electric Radiator - 500w
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Energy Efficient Heating with Eco Benefits Reduce Energy Costs with Highly Accuate Thermostat Easy DIY Plug in & Go Installation Save Money with Automatic Shut Down Feature Even Heat Distribution  Smart Heating for your Home & Office Energy Efficient Thermal Fluid Technology Traditional Style Steel Body Energy Efficient Electric Elements Thermal Safety Limiter Optional Central Programmer for Total Control 10 Year guarantee on Radiator Body 55 x 50 x 6 cms (Wx Hx D) Energy efficient traditional style electric radiators that offer an eco-friendly, intelligent, easy-install heating solution for your home. Electrorad Digi-Line Single Panel 500w Electric Radiators maximise energy efficiency with the latest thermal fluid technology, a high precision electronic thermostat, & the option of fully programmable heating control. Digi-Line radiators feature an oil-filled central cavity which uses 100% efficient electric elements to heat the radiator surface rapidly & uniformly, ensuring even heat distribution throughout your home without hot or cold spots. Central convection fins create the perfect balance of radiated & convected heat,  warming you directly as well as warming the air. The precision thermostat is accurate to within a tenth of a degree, switching the radiator on or off automatically to maintain a comfortable temperature. With good insulation, this means the radiators only use power for a fraction of the time. The radiator

an energy saving open window setting which can be activated to allow the radiator to shut down whenever it senses an opened window,  reducing wasted heat. A maximum surface temperature of 60 ˚C, 75 ˚C or 90 ˚C can be set via the radiator’s lockable control panel. For more advanced energy saving control, an optional central programmer can be purchased which means that you can set different temperature settings & operating times for each radiator,  minimising waste and keeping your heating bills as low as possible. The Digi-Line Single Panel range is also mess-free,  easy to maintain and very durable. The thermal fluid cannot freeze & is specifically designed to prevent internal corrosion. The radiators do not use a circulation pump or any other moving parts, ensuring that the radiator elements do not wear down and operation is totally silent. The traditional steel design of our radiators make them timeless additions to any home. They're eco-friendly too: made & designed in Britain with 100% recyclable fluid. Installation is simple & easy, a straight-forward DIY task. Simply screw to the wall & plug in at the nearest socket, no plumbing work required! The optional central programmer communicates with in built radio receivers in each radiator so does not require extra wiring. The programmer can be used freestanding or can be easily mounted on the wall. For more information check out the radiator manual & the quick start guide. Available in six

500W, 750W, 1000W, 1250W, 1500W & 2000W.
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Steel - An alloy made predominately of Iron combined with <2% carbon
Radio - A device used for listening to audio transmissions
Energy Efficient - A term used to describe an electrical item which makes the good use of energy
Heat - A term used to define thermal energy
Oil - A hydrophobic liquid with high carbon and hydrogen content. Has many variations including; cooking oils, petrochemical oils, essential oils.
hot - An indication of the temperature being high and a sensation of heat to the tough
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Year - The time it takes the planet earth to orbit the sun. This takes around 365.25 days.
Set - a group of items usually related to one another. Some objects cannot function without the complete set of items.
Safety - prevents damage being caused.
Quick - Something that is fast
DIY - Do It Yourself
Traditional - Something that has become the same through a period of time and thus repeated.
Radiator - A household item that warms a room.
Corrosion - The wear and tear of an object.
Accurate - A measurement of precision when all elements are correct.
Install - A process of putting materials together to create a finished product.
Traditional - Something that has been around for a while and is repeated regularly.
Balance - Something that is evenly weighted to keep something upright.
Simple - Basic, easy no difficulty in understanding.
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Manual - A book of instructions to build or operate items, also a form of labour which your hands are used.
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