Potted Perennial Plants - Purple & Yellow Collection

Potted Perennial Plants - Purple & Yellow Collection
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An outstanding collection of violet & yellow perennial varieties ideal on their own or in mixed borders. Collection contains 12 plants (1 of each variety): Geum Lady Stratheden
- Robust, drought-tolerant plants producing compact mounds of glossy green foliage topped with pannicles of flowers throughout spring & summer. Semi-double, rich yellow blooms. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Flowers May-August. Height 50cm (20). Front of border variety. Supplied in a 1 litre pot. Pulsatilla vulgaris
- Showy violet, bell- or star-shaped flowers, with bold yellow centres, followed by silvery seed heads. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Flowers April-May. Height 60cm (24). Supplied in a 1 litre pot. Potentilla Gold Sovereign
- Rich golden, saucer-shaped flowers provide colour throughout the season, set off against narrow, oblong, soft green leaves. Flowers June-September. Height 15-25cm (6-10). Front of border variety. Supplied in a 1 litre pot. Verbena bonariensis Lollipop
- Verbena bonariensis is a well known border perennial, but it's a little tall for some. With Lollipop, you can enjoy the same incredible clusters of lavender flowers on low-growing, mound-like plants. It's low-maintenance, drought-tolerant & ideal for cutting. Flowers June-November. Height 60cm (24). Supplied in a 9cm pot. Osteospermum Tresco violet
- Deep violet, fully hardy, drought-tolerant plants producing weed-suppressing mats of foliage topped with a profusion of daisy-like blooms. Create harmonious colour combinations by mixing plants of similar shades. Flowers June-September. Height 30cm (12). Supplied in a 9cm pot. Front of border variety. Crocosmia Columbus
- Eye-catching, clump-forming, drought-tolerant border perennials, producing lush green, sword-like foliage topped by arching spikes of freesia-like blooms that blaze across the garden. Gold/violet buds open to apricot-yellow flowers. Flowers July-August. Height 80cm (32); spread 50cm (20). Supplied in a 9cm pot. Achillea Moonshine
- These clump-forming perennials boast strong stems, aromatic, ferny, grey-green foliage & impressive flat heads of tiny canary-yellow flowers. Flowers June-September. Height 60cm (24); spread 60cm (24). Supplied in a 9cm pot. Solidago Goldrush
- Clump-forming perennials with upright stems of lance-shaped green foliage, topped with conical sprays of flowers that are a magnet for butterflies & bees! Drought tolerant once established. Masses of yellow flower clusters, densely packed on spreading, rich green foliage, heralding the coming of autumn. Flowers August-September. Height 30cm (12); spread 75cm (30). Supplied in a 9cm pot. Angelica Gigas
- Bring a real sense of drama to borders with this imposing hardy perennial. It boasts large, attractively lobed leaves, & robust, branching, red-tinted stems topped with dome-shaped heads of plum-violet flowers. Incredible! Flowers August-October. Height 1.5m (5'); spread 30-45cm (12-18). Supplied in 9cm pot. Libertia Goldfinger
- A breathtaking perennial whose elegant weeping foliage boasts a prominent golden central stripe. Its clusters of white, star-like flowers are followed by large yellow berries in autumn. Flowers May-June. Height 50cm (20); spread 50cm (20). Supplied in a 9cm pot. Baptisia australis
- Clumps of attractive grey-green trifoliate leaves topped with tall spikes of pea-like, indigo-blue blooms. Flowers June-July. Height 1.5m (5'). Supplied in a 9cm pot. Polemonium yezonense Bressingham violet
- Beautiful flowers of lavender-blue colour, rising in elegant clusters on graceful, sturdy, burgundy stems. The highly decorative, fern-like leaves are neat, uniform & symmetrical, with a rich, dark violet hue in spring & autumn. Flowers late May-September. Height 45-60cm (18-24); spread 25cm (10). Middle of border variety. Supplied in a 9cm pot.
Supplier: Dobies
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Blue - A primary colour
Yellow - A primary colour. The sun is often described as yellow
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Purple - A colour between red and blue. Commonly associated with Cadburys
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perennial - A plant that lives for more than two years. Tending to bloom during spring and summer to die back to root over winter.
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