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The Dixons brand was started in 1937 as a photographic studio and camera company. They eventually expanded to selling a range of electronic goods, and had a store on almost every major high street throughout the UK. In 2006 Dixons merged with electronics giant Currys and removed the brand from the high street and began trading as Currys Digital. In 2012 the website dixons.co.uk was merged with the successful currys.co.uk online store who now handle all their products and customers in an effort to streamline their brand. Today the brand specialise in a range of home electronics, kitchen appliances, computers and electronic accessories. They have 295 superstores and 73 stores throughout the UK. They have also merged with the computer retailer PC World and have combined many of their stores to create electronic superstores. They are one of the most popular home electronics retailers on the market and maintain a strong presence in retail parks throughout the UK.
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