Mod Install Service Arbiter 3 Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Hell 3.5 Ghosts BO2
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Mod Install Service Arbiter 3 Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Hell 3.5 Ghosts BO2 Mod Service
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Product Features Mod Install Service Arbiter 3.5 Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Controller for Ghosts BO2 MW3 GOW3 75 to 1024 + Mode + Elite Modes Arbiter 3.5 Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Controller for Ghosts BO2 MW3 GOW3 75 + Mode + Elite Modes Mod Install Service ****PLEASE NOTE SPECIAL OFFER for a Limited Time You can Upgrade your Aribiter 3.5 by adding the extra ELITE MODES (see manual towards end of page ) Just select from the drop down above if you wish us to add these modes NOW The Arbiter 3 mod we will install is 100% Undetectable by online or offline so never get banned We fit & test every ARBITER 3 into a Brand New 360 Wireless Controller with 12 mths warranty from ourselves we have been offering some of the best rapid fire controllers for a few years now & this one will surely be a huge hit Specs of the ARBITER III that will be professionally installed & tested by one of our Engineers. We will Install & Pre Programmed a Li TE set of Modes that all Arbiter 3 chips come with + 3 other Full sets of modes. What you get is a hand full of the best modes we found so there is no confusion or messing with remembering a load of modes. In Li TE you can select modes by holding down RT & pressing the sync button the number of times for the mode below Modes Pre Setup for you 1. Ultra Fire 2. Rapid Fire + Auto Aim 3. Rapid Fire (3 Burst) 4. Ultra Fire + Drop Shot (LT Cancellation) 5. Drop Shot + Aim (LT Cancellation) 6. Rapid Fire + Drop Shot + Aim (LT Cancellation) 7. Ultra Fire + Jump Shot (LT Cancellation) 8. Jump Shot + Aim (LT Cancellation) 9. Rapid Fire + Jump Shot + Aim (LT Cancellation) 10. Combi Mode (Press LT: Rapid Fire Press RT: Aim) Rapid Fire + Auto-Fast Reload + Aim Dual Trigger 11. User Programming Mode 12. User Programming Mode + Aim Need more? You can switch from Lite Modes to Full Chip modes by Pressing the Sync button for 3 seconds 1 flash means full mode 4 flashes Lite Mode & so on. 1. Lite Chip (14 mode) 2. Full Chip (76 mode) 3. Arbiter 2 Chip (turn the A3 back into the classic A2!) 4. GOW3 Chip (GOW3 modes) * Yes all our Arbiter 3 come with a huge 70+ Mode option that is easily accessible so you get many more modes if you need them including every combination of Ultra Fire Drop Shot Jump Shot Fast Reload Aiming & so on & are all fully adjustable speeds. Full instruction links are included with your purchase. One feature that makes the A3 so powerful is the ability to totally change its list of modes effectively making the controller & chip like a whole new product. For example some chips on the market have modes specifically for Ghosts BO2 Gears of War games & that is it other chips are specific to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 others a general all-rounder’s but no other chip has the ability to be all of those in one. This is what the A3 ‘ Chip Select’ is. You can change the A3 into a Gears of War specific controller & at the push of a button change it to a Call of Duty specific controller & again to an all-out 70+ mode controller! 1. Lite Chip (14 mode) 2. Full Chip (76 mode) 3. Arbiter 2 Chip (turn the A3 back into the classic A2!) 4. GOW3 Chip (GOW3 modes) Full List of Arbiter 3 Features Download Arbiter 3 User guide Some examples of the Arbiter 3 Rapid Fire Hell Controller Unique Features ULTRAFIRE Unique method discovered in 2011 this mode gives insane speeds well above the limits of 26sps Imposed by the conventional firing method. 1023 Speeds Using the Debug Trigger Mode means the ARBITER 3 can generate on the fly 1023 different speeds of fire based on the current position of the trigger so the harder you press the faster you fire. Auto-aim Means your gun will automatically scope when shooting so no need to use your valuable left hand finger to press the aiming trigger when shooting
- perfect for instant aiming in close range combat without needing to think. Auto-Target Lock As soon as you fire lock directly onto the closest enemy track them while they move & lock onto the next target as soon as they are dead
- all without you ever having to lift your finger of the firing trigger! * The game has to have an auto-aim feature to support this mode (such as Home front Black Ops etc…) & will not work online due to that feature not being available in any online mode. Dual Trigger (Akimbo) Any firing that happens on one trigger will instantly & automatically repeat on the other freeing your other hand for aiming & moving. Burst Fire Allows quick successive rapid firing shots but without wasting all your ammo. Pull the trigger to fire a burst of 5 bullets at a time. Good for preserving ammo. Claymore / Locking Gun Many games require you to hold down the firing trigger to activate a lock on a target or to lay a mine grab a flag or many other features the ARBITER III is fully capable of letting you do this at any time without needing to deactivate the ARBITER 3. It is the only chip on the market that can do this! Steady Fire By rapid firing standard semi or fully automatic weapons using the ARBITER III chip fitted inside this controller the aiming of most guns is greatly increased in many games due to the reduced kick-back & recoil when using rapid fire. More Information 38 Shots per second & beyond With the 24-bit XLP core chip running over 4 million instructions per second the Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Controller for GOW 3 MW3 75+ Mode Black Arbiter 3 is more than capable of delivering blistering firing rates beyond 2000 shots per second. Obviously the controller due to its limits & the hardware means the fastest speed possible is typically 26sps & the games then limit this even further in most cases & so most chips on the market all hit the same barrier of a certain speed & that is that. We just were not happy with that so we spent our time & money breaking this barrier & the result of that is the ULTRAFIRE mode you see in our videos. 12-Mode 20-Mode 200-Mode All this talk about X-Modes as the selling point of chips is getting old - “ Mine has more modes than yours”. It isn't about the number it's about the quality flexibility & what it achieves. Do you want a controller with 300 modes all but 5 are useless or would you want a controller with a handful of modes that achieve everything you need for every game without a problem? The Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Controller for GOW 3 MW3 75 + Mode Black Arbiter III comes with enough modes for every current game including rapid fire auto-aim dual-trigger; special modes & much more that can all be used in combination to achieve the best experience for any game without the need for dozens of modes. Fully Updatable If for whatever reason the chip needs a firmware update in the future or you just simply wish to have some more modes put on or change some mode to suit your needs specifically then we can reprogram all chips for their lifetime absolutely free (other than cost of postage). Just pop the controller in the post & we will do it for you. Works with All Power Supplies 2x AA Play & Charge kits Third Party Rechargeable Battery Packs etc... Original parts all in tact No extra buttons or external changes are made to the original controller no motors removed & no other changes so you are guaranteed to be stealthy with your kills! Full List of Arbiter 3 Features Download Arbiter 3 User guide Microsoft does not condone the use of Rapid Fire Controllers this product is not endorsed by Microsoft. Simply select the basic or full inc Elite modes for your Arbiter 3 install & send us your controller Turn around time 1 -2 Days. Price

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