MacroMaster + Macrovision Remover

MacroMaster + Macrovision Remover
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Macro Master + Macrovision Remover Product Features THE WORLDS No 1 MACRO BUSTER COPY DVD* to DVD DVD* to VCR VCR to DVD SATELLITE to DVD SATELLITE to VCR Description The Macro Master + removes Macrovision level 1 & CGMS. from all video sources (Satellite VCR & DVD) & signal formats (Composite S-Video or RGB). It enables copying to all recorders (VCR & DVD). Will pass Composite Video S-Video (Via scart) RGB & stereo audio signals with no loss of quality. I.C.O.S Filters are the most advanced copy protection eliminators in the world. The Macromaster + the Mini Master the Stripe Master & the RGB Enhancer all incorporating the latest Micro controllers & high quality analogue components to produce unequaled picture quality. The Macro Master + removes all traces of Macrovision level 1 & CGMS copy protection in PAL or NTSC signals (for level 2 & 3 Macrovision (commonly know as Color Stripe) see below). The Macro Master + has the much sought after feature! it removes the CGMS (Copy Generation Management System) this is the Digital copy protection on the analogue video signal that prevents back-up of DVD's to DVD RECORDERS or any other digital recorder. Many Pay per View channels have started to broadcast using copy protection on movies & other shows with the Macromaster + you can still record your favorite movie to your VCR or DVD recorder. The Macro Master + is very easy to install to any system you just connect it between the playing & the recording source it has 1 scart in & 1 scart out & you can input composite S-Video (with S-Video to scart cable) or RGB video signal. Almost all DVD recorders now have the ability to record RGB signals making the Macro Master + absolutely the best copy protection remover available today. Note; For Color Stripe (level 2 or 3 Macrovision which only effect NTSC VHS recorders) use the Stripe Master. 220V can be used abroad with a stepdown converter. What's in the box 1 x Macro Master + Macrovision Remover * Note
- NOT REGION 1 DVD's ** Note
- You cannot copy NTSC to PAL or PAL to NTSC with just the Macro Master Please Note :- Disclaimer USE OF THIS PRODUCT FOR UNAUTHORIZED DUPLICATION OF COPY RIGHTED MATERIAL IS PROHIBITED UNLESS THE COPY QUALIFIES AS A FAIR USE UNDER THE COPYRIGHT LAWS IF APPLICABLE TO YOUR COUNTRY. Please note that the copying of certain material may only be legally possible with the permission of the copyright owner. For further information please refer to the Copyright Patents & Designs Act 1988. If you are unsure weather you are infringing copyright laws contact your copyright & patents office for further information. While we take every reasonable care in the provision of information & advice we do not guarantee its accuracy nor accept any responsibility for any errors or omissions or their consequences
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DVD - Digital Versitile Disc - an optical storage media
SCART - A standard 21 pin connector used for connection audio visual equipment
S-video - An analogue video signal
NTSC - National Television System Committee - an analog television system used in north america
PAL - An analog television system used in most of europe including the UK
Digital - A system that uses only 0s and 1s to transmit data
Cable - A series of wires bonded to form a single thread
World - A physical grouping, commonly used to describe earth and everything associated with ti
Audio - Also known as sound. An audible vibration wave which can be heard.
Analogue - A continuous signal in time with fluctuations in a measurable parametre to provide a signal
Office - A room where people work
Composite Video - A picture only format of analogue tv
Quality - An object that has quality is superior in function and finish than a less quality object.
Weather - is the change of an atmospheres conditions.
Components - Multiple items used to complete the product.
Install - A process of putting materials together to create a finished product.
Feature - An attribute that makes something stand out.
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