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This new lingerie store launched in 2011 but already has 6 retail outlets in prime locations such as The Trafford Centre in Manchester and Bluewater in Kent. The brand specialise in a variety of lingerie and nightwear at affordable prices. The name Boux Avenue was created by the owner, infamous business man Theo Paphitis, when he was served by a voluptuous waitress in France named Boux. Their store layout is unconventional and features most of the products displayed in drawers rather than on hanging racks and displays. It is reminiscent of a personal boudoir and has been compared to the style of the famous lingerie brand Victoria's Secret. As well as having successful retail locations, the brand also have a thriving online presence and are still continuing to grow. Their focus is on making women feel special and providing a quality service with gift wrapped items and unique pieces. British model Jaqui Ainsley has recently been recruited as the face of the brand and features in stores nationwide.
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