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For 50 years Coblands Nurseries have been growing shrubs, ferns, herbaceous plants, trees and grasses in their vast professional nurseries. Since their conception in 1963 they have grown into one of the largest nurseries in the UK, their premises span over 120 acres, over multiple sites. Based in Tonbridge, they have three trade plant centres and also sell to the general public through one of their many nurseries. Their successful website allows customers from all over the UK to purchase quality products and gain access to valuable expert advice. At any one point they have at least 1 million plants growing at their nurseries, meaning they have one of the largest plant selections available. One of Coblands primary concerns is striving to be environmentally friendly in how they grow and sell their products. This includes the use of electricity on their sites, a commitment to using environmentally friendly pesticides and recycling at least 95% of all the water they use at their nurseries. With 50 years of expertise and experience, Coblands are the ideal choice for gardening enthusiasts.
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