Green Tea Extract - 120 Tabs Unflavoured Pot 120 Tabs

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We are the exclusive UK suppliers of this product. MP MAX Liquid Egg Whites are the convenient way of consuming all the goodness of egg whites without the fuss of separating from the yolk. They are quite simply 100% fresh egg white with nothing added or taken away fully pasteurised for your safety & convenience. Egg Whites are natures number one source of protein because they are 100% bio-available. This means they are absorbed fully by the body with none of the vital amino acids going to waste. All other forms of dietary protein are graded in comparison to egg whites due to their fantastic nutritional content. MP MAX Liquid Egg Whites are pasteurised to make them salmonella listeria & avadin free so completely safe to consume raw or cooked. The presence of avidin in normal raw eggs can affect your bodys use of the B Vitamin Biotin which helps the body utilise energy stores. However the avidin content of our Liquid Egg White is neutralised by the pasteurisation treatment that is performed on every batch. The patented pasteurisation process also allows our Liquid Egg Whites to be stored for up to 5 months at room temperature meaning they do not have to be stored in a refrigerator. Generally other Liquid Egg White products must be stored in a refrigerator & only have a shelf life of 30 days. No preservatives are added to MP MAX Liquid Egg Whites to achieve this extended shelf life. MP MAX Liquid Egg Whites are available in free range farmed or barn farmed options. MP MAX Liquid Egg Whites are extremely popular amongst the athletic community due to their versatility & fantastic nutritional content. Consumed as a raw drink or cooked to make a quick egg white omelette the egg whites provide a fantastic source of protein to promote recovery & growth. The fact that MP MAX Liquid Egg Whites do not contain any fat or cholesterol also makes them a superb choice for those looking to consume a healthy high protein food. MP MAX Liquid Egg Whites are also completely free of stabilisers flavourings preservatives added sugar or any E number as well as being completely GM free. The only ingredient used is egg white. When food scientists & experts create foods drinks & meal replacement bars with protein it is egg whites that is recognised as the highest standard for which all other proteins are compared to & try to copy. Another key point about MP MAX Liquid Egg Whites is they have NO fat NO cholesterol & NO trans fats! This product is supplied in a tamper proof plastic bottle with a screw lid. Why not use our Tub & Pump to store your Liquid Egg Whites & also make dispensing them much easier! The current batch of Free Range LEW has a best before date of: 05/07/11. The current batch of Barn Farmed LEW has a best before date of: 11/07/11.
Supplier: Beauty Expert
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White - A colour combining all colours
UK - United Kingdom - An island nation in Europe
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Date - A day on a calendar
Date - A social activity whith a current or potential partner
bottle - A container with a narrow neck in comparison to the body. Often used for containing fluids such as wine and milk.
Key - A physical or virtual device or code used for opening something
Tea - A hot beverage made from the leaves of a tea plant
Sugar - A sweet substance, white in colour.
Safety - prevents damage being caused.
Quick - Something that is fast
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Fat - A natural substance that is oily and can be harmful to health if consumed too much.
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Protein - Part of a dietary component, high amounts found in meats.
Protein - A dietary component.
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